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[EASY] EASY Company 506 PIR

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[EASY] EASY Company 506 PIR

EASY Company is the premier gaming community for passionate PC gamers with a knack for military history and tactical shooters. Based around commemorating the warriors of the 101st Airborne Division of World War II, here at Easy, we pride ourselves on creating a fun and accepting environment for all gamers. Our members strive for gaming moments that capture the imaginations of all types of people, as our goal is to include everyone: experienced gamers, new gamers, people of all races, genders, creeds, cultures, nations, and ages. We strongly believe that teamwork and coordination triumphs above kill counts and K/D ratios so overall skill is not a required element. We seek to add value to our fellow gamers in a way that extends beyond the map through communication, coordination, advanced training, events, and much more.

Our servers:

#1 EASY Company, 506th PIR | New Players Welcome

#2 EASY Company, 506th PIR | NCO Training 

Our Discord:


Our Website:


Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/easycompany506thpir

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/EASYCompany506thPIR

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/easy_co_gaming/

Twitter: https//twitter.com/EasyCo506thPIR

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/easycompany/overview?

G-Portal Reference Link: https://www.g-portal.com/?ref=EASY

Discord Rules:

No Toxic, racist, offensive, trolling, or derogatory language.

No glorifying the self-harm of others, suicide is not a joke.

No animal cruelty.

Do not share gory or obscene imagery.

Do not threaten other members in any way, shape, or form.

Do not share the personal information of another member.

Do not post content which shames or degrades another individual.

Do not share political or religious thoughts in an uncivilized manner.

Do not share anti-LGBT material.

Do not promote sexual assault, racism, or political views.

Squad Rules:

Rule #1 : Primary communication must be in English.

Rule #2 : Squad Leaders and Commanders must have a microphone, must communicate, must contribute to the team effort, and must have a SL kit.

Rule #3 : No Toxic, Racist, Offensive or Derogatory Language. Players names promoting sexual assualt, racism, political views, and names degrading others are bannable/kickable.

Rule #4 : Heli/Logi Squads CAN be locked with one member.

Rule #5 : No locking infantry squads with under 6 members.

Rule #6 : Creating a section then immediately abandoning squad leader role is kickable offense.

Rule #7 : No one man ARMOR that requires a crew kit.

Rule #8 : Armor squads CAN be locked with 2 members.

Rule #9 : No vehicle hoarding/spamming. (First Come First Serve)

Rule #10 : Do not intentionally team kill players, troll, grief, or waste any vehicles or assets. This includes heli ramming.

Rule #11 : Unassigned players have one minute to join a squad or create a squad.

Rule #12 : Do not spam comms or chat. (Except Playing Music in Comms During the Staging Phase.)

Rule #13 : Do not share intel with the other team. This includes stream snipping.

Rule #14 : Any sort of hacking, cheating, repeated glitch abuse will result in a Ban.

Rule #15 : Impersonating an Easy Member or using similar [EASY] Tags will result in a Ban.

Rule #16 : No Advertising or Foreign Clan Recruitment Unless Authorized. 

Rule #17 : No main base camping that includes firing into main. (Must be 600 meters away, 300 meters when the cap is closer to main.)

Rule #18 : No Building, Firing Mortars, or placing mines within 600 meters of Main Base.

Rule #19 : The use of the unarmed kit is not allowed and will result in a kick.

Seeding Rules:

Rule #20 : No destroying/camping FOBs, until 15v15.

Rule #21 : No armored squads until 15v15.

Contact Us:



Lt Col_Lolipop33


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