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[Val`] Valhalla Initiative | Learning Friendly | New Players Welcome

RussellBroweRussellBrowe Member Posts: 1 ★★

Server Rules

1. Discriminatory comments and toxicity will result in an immediate ban.

2. Hacking / Glitching / Ghosting will result in an immediate ban.

3. Intentional team killing will result in removal from the server.

4. Acknowledge ALL teamkills in AllChat.

5. Asset wasting will result in removal from the server. No Heli Ramming.

6. Squad Leaders MUST have an SL kit - Squad Leads must have a microphone, use it, and be able to speak English.

7. Do NOT create squads and immediately give away SL, squad seeding.

8. Any action deemed harmful to server population or quality of gameplay may result in removal from the server.

9. Zero tolerance for unauthorized recruiting on the server. Potential affiliate communities can reach out via Discord.

10. Armor is reserved on a first come first serve basis. Lock armor squads.

11. No mixing of Armor and Infantry within the same squad. If a squad wants some of it's players to run armor, those players must create their own locked armor squad.

12. All Helicopter/Main Battle Tank squads are limited to 4 players per asset.

13. Any vehicle requiring a crewman kit must be at minimum manned by 2 people. No one-manning.

Seeding Rules:

1. During seeding, fight over the middle objective. If an even number of objectives exist, fight over the two middle objectives.

2. Emplacements are not permitted and shall not be built up while seeding.

3. FOBs and HABs must NOT be attacked/destroyed, except if they have been build on middle Flags

3a. FOBs and HABS must be placed OUTSIDE the radius of the middle objectives.

4. HABs shall not be camped while seeding mode is active unless doing so from active cap objective

5. Vehicles with mounted weaponry may not be used during seeding

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