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[DOC] Clinical Gaming

Clyde MaplewoodClyde Maplewood Member Posts: 2 ★★


Show Respect to everyone!

Keep discussions civil

Do Not advertise Other communities

Intentional Teamkilling will not be tolerated - Apologize for all in chat

All SL’s must have SL kit and a Mic

Locked squads are for assets or Groups of 3 or more

No Trolling/griefing - Play The objective as a team

No main camping

No cheating/exploits/hacks

No Mic spamming - Music allowed w/ SL or Admin Perm

Follow the Squad/OWI TOS

Do not impersonate Admins

No throwing games, or wasting tickets/vehicles

No one manning Crewman vehicles

Admins have final say in all matters

Do not create a squad and abandon it

Named squads have first pick for assets

To appeal make a ticket in our discord

SL’s can kick for ANY reason

Seeding Rules

Seeding rules in effect until 20v20 Or called live by an admin

Fight over the middle point (or middle most)

No armed vehicles, emplacements or commander assets.

Do not engage enemy/camp HABs/FOBs

Listen to Members/Admins for seeding boundaries

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