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The Brigade Initiative [BRG]

If you would like to report a problem or appeal a ban, please go to squad-appeals-reports General Rules: 1. Don’t be disrespectful or disruptive to the experience of those around you. 2. Don’t play as Unassigned (this will result in an automatic kick over time) or unarmed. 3. Be a team player and work with your squad. 4. Racism or General verbal abuse will result in a PERMANENT BAN. 5. Apologize for teamkills (TKs) in ALL CHAT. TKs can result in a WARN/BAN. 6. Cheating or utilizing game-breaking exploits will result in a PERMANENT BAN. 7. All griefing, trolling, or team sabotage (such as digging down friendly radios or wasting ammo) will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN. 8. No main camping! No shooting or being within “safe zone,” which is 300m on small RAAS/AAS maps, 600m on larger RAAS/AAS maps; 300m for Invasion. This will result in a WARN/KICK/BAN. 9. Abusing or wasting an Admin’s time will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN. 10. Audio spam after requests for silence will result in WARN/KICK/BAN. 11. During staging phase, in-game, or post-game recap. 12. No discrimination - homophobia, sexism, misogyny, or overly sexual content in user display name, squad name, or name prefix. 13. No Sharing info with the enemy (e.g. hab, vehicle, et al locations; enemy positions; ticket count) 14. No all-character names (alpha-numeric required). 15. No promotions/spam in comms (audio or text). -(edited)


2:30 PM


Squad Leading Rules: 1. Squad Leader (SL) must have a working mic & use an SL kit. 2. You can only lock your squad if you combine for 3 or more total players OR if your squad is dedicated to specific vehicles, logistics, or admining. 3. Squad Baiting (creating a squad with no intent of leading it) will result in WARN/DISBAND SQUAD/KICK/BAN. 4. Promote the learning/growth of new players who want to learn. Failing to do so will result in WARN/BAN. 5. Request player(s) leave the squad before unannounced kick and provide a reason. (This gives the player an opportunity to change vs start over in a new squad.) 6. Locked squads with any number of players OK only during seeding. Vehicle Rules: 1. Squads with names to specific assets have priority over that asset. (e.g. if a squad is named “T-72” or “tank” it would have first choice over the team’s T-72/tank). >Tie-breaker becomes squad's numeric ranking; if two "T-72" squads exist whichever has the lower squad number gets priority >Squads named for specific asset cannot exceed the number of that asset (e.g. if 2 helis = max 2 heli squads) 2. Vehicles that require a crewman kit MUST have at least 2 players in it with that kit before leaving MAIN BASE. (You cannot use it as an UBER to pick up a friend at a hab outside of MAIN.) 3. Heli Pilots MUST be a SL and have Heli Pilot Kit. 4. NO HELI RAMMING. 5. Wasting assets will result in a KICK/BAN (e.g. flying helis into objects, driving vehicles straight into destruction.) Seeding Rules: 1. Only fight over the middle objective(s). 2. FOB/HAB must be placed on the 2nd objective, just before the middle objective(s). 3. DO NOT place or use any attacking emplacements (all defense fortifications OK). 4. Logistics trucks are the ONLY vehicle permitted for use. 5. Anything goes once the server reaches 20v20. 6. Lock squad if only there to seed but going AFK.


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