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PB | Prime Battalion -ENG-

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PB is continually expanding, and we are always looking out for those people who play as a real team in-game, people who have the skill and mindset of a serious Squad player, and most important, also know how to have a bit of fun. New Squad players are welcome in our community, our community exists out of new Squad players and experienced ones. Our experienced Squad players are always available to help you and learning you some tips and tricks of the game. We pride ourselves on our ability to balance a good, good-natured, and respectful sense of humor along sides coordinated team-play. Outside of Squad we also play a variety of games, and people are free to play whatever they want in this discord! The Prime Battalion discord is the heart of our lovely community. This is our corner of the net where we hang out, relax and play games with people all around the world, and we welcome everyone to our community!

Community Rules

Zero Tolerance Rules

1.001 | No homophobic or racial slurs. 

1.002 | No death threats, self-harm threats, or encouraging suicide.

1.003 | No DDoS or SWAT threats.

1.004 | No illegal content or discussions (e.g. drugs, violent crimes, gore, etc).

1.005 | No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content (i.e. Sexual content).

1.006 | No hate speech towards any religion, ethnicity, or nationality.

1.007 | No harassment or any kind of bullying.

1.008 | No malicious links/files.

PB | Server Rules

Admins reserve the right to kick or ban anyone from the server that is deemed detrimental to the general atmosphere on the server or the level of teamwork and/or gameplay on the server at their own discretion, this is called 'staff discretion'. Admin decisions and requests are to be respected at all times. If you like to discuss anything, please head over to #💻|server-feedback or #💢|admin-request 

If you would like to speak to someone about either one of the rules, make a ticket in #💢|admin-request 

Want to report an admin? Make a ticket in #💢|admin-request 

1. Do not mic spam in-game or in the in-game chat.

Spamming things over communications and disrupting the game, or clogging up text chat will be first warned for, then punished.

2. Do not recruit for your clan or advertise websites or streams on the server

Don't advertise for your own discord, community, clan, or try to recruit on the server/discord. Only advertise PB-related things.

3. Don't ever intentionally team-kill, for any reason whatsoever.

If you're being intentionally team-killed (for example, after an argument), call the attention of an admin and let them handle it. Please apologize for any accidental team-kills in the 'all chat' so admins know they were accidental.

4. Squad Leaders are required to speak English, have a mic (and use it), equip an SL kit, and actively play for relevant objectives.

We expect Squad Leaders to cooperate with every other squad in command communications, and make an effort to lead their squad (SL's kit required). We also expect them to not hinder the team by wasting assets, trying to fight in areas not in play or relevant to the team's success, the exception to this, being smaller specialised squads like armour or mortar squads.

5. Do not camp enemy main bases

If your team manages to cap the enemy's last cap - defend that cap, but don't advance on the enemy's main base. This includes planting mines/IED's too close to enemy main bases, keep them at least 400M away from enemy main bases. When in doubt, ask an admin.

6. Do not make a squad unless you intend to lead it

Don't make a squad, then leave it and make another, this just causes chaos at the start of a match and doesn't help. Don't make a squad then pass off SL to someone else, either. Only pass SL to someone who wants it if you don't want to be it anymore

7. Seeding Rules

If there are underneath 50 people, the server is seeding. This means that both teams will play over the middle objective and no armored vehicles/helicopters are being used. During seeding, it's also not allowed to push/destroy enemy HABS or FOBS.

8. Squad Leaders may kick anyone from their squad, they don't need to provide a reason

SL's don't need a reason to kick someone from the squad, but please remain civil when doing it. If you're kicked from a squad, don't argue about it and just join another Squad. If the reason you were kicked conflicts with one of our other server rules, for example, racism, disrespect or any kind of other discrimination, please report it so our Admins can deal with it.

9. Do not one-man APC's, IFV's or MBT's , these vehicles are required to have a full crew at all times.

Techies and light transport/support vehicles (BRDM / MRAP) that don't require a crewman kit to operate may be 1-manned (this includes the Spandrel / TOW MRAP, and Insurgent AA truck). - APCs and IFVs require at least a 2-man crew (all variants, including MTLBs, Bulldogs, and the AA BMP). - Helis are allowed to be 1-manned, but make sure to cooperate with other SLs over command comms, and provide supplies/pick-ups/drop-offs where they're necessary. APCs and IFVs require at least a 2-man crew (all variants, including MTLBs, Bulldogs, and the AA BMP). - MBTs require at least a 3-man crew this will be the driver, gunner, and commander

10. Do not lock your squad with less than 4 people in it

The minimum size for infantry squads is 4. Specialized squads may be smaller, but must be named according to their intended role or the assets they intend to claim. For example HELI, LOGI, CMD, MORTAR, MBT, WARRIOR, which may all be smaller than 4 people.

11. Respect specialized, named squads - don't take claimed assets

Specialised squads, such as squads named LOGI, BTR, HELI, APC or IFV, have the first claim on the vehicles named. First come, first serve applies. if there are multiple specialized squads trying to claim the same vehicle(s), the first squad to have created their named squad's claim takes precedence. Squads naming their selves ' armor', won't count as a claimed asset. Someone who has their squad named for example 'BTR' has priority over a squad named 'armour'.

12. Be fair, play the game.

If the morale is lost, the battle is lost. Stay positive or simply take things as they are – there will always be amazing victories and terrible defeats. Take it as a chance for reflection.

13. Trolling, Grieving and/or wasting assets will not be tolerated

Intentionally getting friendly assets destroyed, having your entire squad head off to a part of the map entirely not in the play zone driving your logi into enemy territory, are all examples of behaviour that breaks this rule, as is negligent asset use (e.g. ignoring the map and driving into enemies with an APC). Do not treat your vehicles as disposable, treat them as valuable assets to protect and make use of, just like in real life.

14. Stream sniping and ghosting will not be tolerated and will be punished with a permanent ban from the server

15. Do not team up with the enemy team and/or sharing intel with each other.

This includes sharing friendly positions, ticket counts, or anything else that only your team knows. This will be classified as meta-gaming and will be met up with a permanent ban.

16. Clans must be willing to actively help in balancing the server when asked by an Admin.

17. Abusing exploits, in-game bugs and cheating will result in a permanent ban.

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