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=EXO= Exodus Gaming

CzarJCzarJ Member Posts: 1

=EXO= Public Server Rules

  1. This server has ZERO tolerance for racist/prejudice/sexist remarks
  2. Intentional Teamkilling will not be tolerated
  3. All SL’s must have SL kit and working Mic
  4. Locked squads are for assets or 3+ 
  5. No Trolling/griefing
  6. No main camping, must be 300m out.
  7. No cheating/exploits/hacks/
  8. No Mic spamming
  9. Follow the squad code of conduct
  10. Do not impersonate EXO members
  11. No asset wasting or heli ramming
  12. No one manning Crewman vehicles
  13. No politics/religion
  14. No community advertising
  15. Admins have final say in all matters
  16. Do not create a squad and abandon it
  17. Named squads have precedence for assets, first come first serve
  18. To appeal a ban go to (link)
  19. SL’s can kick for ANY reason
  20. Be nice, have fun!

Find us on discord at discord.gg/echodet

Seeding Rules

Seeding rules in effect until 20v20 Or called live by an admin

Fight over the middle point (or middle most)

No armed vehicles, emplacements or commander assets.

Do not engage enemy/camp HABs/FOBs

Listen to Members/Admins for seeding boundaries

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