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『LiQ』Liquid Gaming: Sever information and rules

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Discord: https://liqgaming.com/discord

LiQuid Gaming was created back in May of 2019 by our founding fathers. Since then we have grown to upward of 2800 members in our Discord and over 400 LiQ members.

We currently run two servers:

『LiQ』Liquid Gaming: Noob Friendly -AAS/RAAS/INV - PTFO - New Player-friendly

『LiQ』Liquid Gaming: - Map Voting -AAS/RAAS/INV - PTFO - Intermediate

Our main rule is Play the Objective



Any speech that denigrates a person or group will not be tolerated; Including but not limited to race, sexual orientation, and religion. Any instances of hate speech considered to be offensive or hindering the experience of any player on a LiqQuid Gaming Server will result in a ban as determined by a LiQ Admin.

2: All SQUAD LEADERS Must Have A MIC & Squad Leader KIT.

Squad leaders must be able to effectively communicate with the team and squad using a microphone. Also the squad leader must at all times have a squad leader kit. Severity of circumstances for punishment will be determined by the LiQ admin of the server at that time.

3: If you CREATE a squad you must be the Squad Leader of that squad.

When a player clicks to create a squad then they must lead that squad. A warn/kick method is in place for this rule and is up to the discretion of the LiQ admin to determine the severity of the circumstances.

4: LOCKED Squads With Less Than 4 Players Must SPECIFY Their Role; LOGI, TANK, MORTAR.

Any squad that is locked with less than 4 people must have a specific role specified in the name of that squad. Clans or friends do not count as a specific reason to lock a squad. Handled with a warn/disband/kick method, that is decided on the specific situation by the LiQ admin.

5: DO NOT Solo Vehicles That Require A CREWMAN Kit.

Any vehicle that requires a driver/gunner where both seats require a crewman kit. Is applicable under this rule. Handled with a warn/kick method to the discretion of the LiQ admin. All admins must remain cognizant of the probability that a crew member jumped out to repair or the vehicle is returning to main. This does not require administrative action.

6: DO NOT Exploit GAME BUGS Such As a Wall Breach & Invulnerable FOBs.

Any game bug or exploit that is created, manufactured, or accidentally found by a player and then used to hamper the opposing team's efforts to win the game. Is applicable to this rule and is met with a kick/ban where the severity of the circumstances are determined by the LiQ admin.

7: Players That Are NOT Assigned To a SQUAD Will Be KICKED From The Server.

Any player that does not immediately join or create a squad when they join the server is subject to a kick from the server under the presumption that they are either AFK or wishing to play unassigned. Generally resulting in a kick but circumstances will be handled by a LiQ admin.


Under this rule any player found to be intentionally disrupting the flow of gameplay or other player’s experience in the server. Outside of normal gameplay and discussion. Will be met with a warn/kick/ban under the discretion of the LiQ admin.


If a player places a mine, positions their vehicle or person in a location where their intent is to kill or destroy enemy vehicles coming from/to the enemy main. Will be considered camping the enemy main and punished under this rule at the discretion of the LiQ admin in a kick/ban. There is not a distance for this rule

10: Squads NAMED after a vehicle get PRIORITY for that vehicle.

Only ONE vehicle type allowed per squad. When a squad is created and named with the intention of using a certain vehicle “ex. Heli” said squad will get priority of the named vehicle. If the named squad is not operating in a manner deemed acceptable by the LiQ admin the admin may disband the squad.

11: No intentional heli ramming

You are not allowed to intentionally hit a helicopter into another helicopter to cause damage or otherwise immobilize it.

12: No unarmed kits on a live server

When the server is live, you are not allowed to have an unarmed kit.

13: Intentional Teamkilling will not be tolerated

Apologize for all teamkills in all chat.

Seeding Rules


• Admins will call the server LIVE after the server reaches 20 v 20 players.

• Fighting is allowed over the center objective or two middle objectives, whichever applies.

• DO NOT attack, dig, or IED HABs and/or FOBs.

• No armed vehicles or emplacements are to be used (MG, mortar, etc).

• Only one FOB and HAB are allowed per side.

• FOBs placed on the main capture point are subject to attack.


Email [email protected] with the following details:

- name of the server,

- any evidence such as video, pictures etc. and

- date and time of the incident.

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