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Just4Fun - The Friendliest Squad Community.

basilbasil Member Posts: 1 ★★

Just4Fun Player Rules - Our Motto: “Be friendly, be helpful or be quiet.”

1. No racism, discrimination or hate speech, harassment, toxicity or exhibiting any anti-social behaviour.

2. Follow server admin instructions. 

a. Do not question or debate admin decisions or instructions in game – Visit our Discord or web site if you wish to discuss.

3. No player or squad names that may cause offense.

a. Names that may cause arguments / disrupt the game are also prohibited.

4. No spamming of voice or text channels. 

5. Do not exploit game bugs, use exploits or cheat.

6. No URL’s, political, religious comments, advertising or recruitment in names, chat or voice. 

7. Do not impersonate a server admin by action or name.

Just4Fun Gameplay Rules

1. VEHICLE: Vehicles that require a crewman kit must be occupied by 2 or more crewmen at all times.

2. VEHICLE: Squads are limited to one logi and one other vehicle UNLESS other vehicles are unoccupied and unwanted after staging ends.

3. VEHICLE: Vehicles are only considered owned by a squad if there is a is a squad member in the driver's seat.

4. VEHICLE: Squads named EXACTLY as the name in the Squad vehicle menu have priority claim for that vehicle at main. A claim can only be for the first vehicle under claim.

a. One or more members of that squad must be waiting at main base when the selected vehicle spawns.

b. The squad must not be using any other vehicle when making the claim.

c. If two or more squads are 'claim named' and at main waiting, it is first come, first served.

5. VEHICLE: Do not use vehicles / helis as suicide weapons. (IED equipped vehicles excluded)

6. SQUADS: No locked squads with just a squad leader. (Exceptions are heli pilots, dedicated logi drivers, scouts & server admins.)

7. SQUADS: A Squad Leader should speak English and be equipped with a mic / squad leaders kit.

a. SL’s may temporarily switch to infantry kit to help build emplacements. 

b. Foreign speaking SL’s may operate a squad in their mother tongue if they state this in the squad name.

8. SEEDING: No seeding rules. New players have enough rules to remember already!

a. When the server player count is < 20 players, no vehicle rules apply.

b. Once the server population is > 20 then normal vehicle rules apply.

9. CAMPING: No rule against camping main bases. 

a. The OWI devs put a protective limit around each main base for this reason, they understand this game very well.

b. Every main base has two exits, and teams that focus on attacking main bases will lose significant tickets if attacked.

10. Music: Players may play short pieces of music (< 20 secs), providing that it does not interfere with gameplay or comms, and that those players respect a request from ANY player or an admin to cease.

a. Heli pilots may play longer but must not disrupt local comms. They must respect requests to cease the music from any player.

11. Do not destroy or waste friendly assets.

a. Unless asked to do so by your SL.

b. Taking down emplacements/radios/habs built by another Squad without their consent is prohibited. Commanders cannot override this 

12. You may not remove resources from HAB’s that were not built by your squad or topped up by your squad.

13. Clans are very welcome to play on our server but are limited to one full squad per faction.

a. Clans need to agree to help admins balance the server if needed, which includes faction change, squad changes, SL reassignment, kit reassignment, etc.

b. Clan members may command for one round but are prohibited from using their numbers to continually vote in a commander.

c. Clans failing to use in game voice comms or failing to engage in game may be removed.

14. If you are training or performing tasks that may not contribute to the game, then name your squad appropriately (i.e. Training/New Players etc).

a. Admins may ask you to stop or leave if the server becomes busy or full or multiple players complain about your actions.

Vehicle Rule Notes

• A team can only use two logi's if the second is available after staging ends.

• Empty vehicles are available to any other squad who can claim that asset. (Exception is a crewman repairing their vehicle or getting medical care).

• If you find yourself solo in a crewman vehicle, then take back to the nearest HAB or main base and state this in ALL CHAT if challenged by admins or other players.

• If you become a command squad, you lose all claim over vehicles.

Worth remembering….

• Admins can usually only settle disputes if there is evidence – Please submit any issues/complaints or abuse reports to the ‘Abuse’ section of our web site.

• Urgent matters, use !admin in game to page an admin – Visit our website at (Forum wont allow links) for our Discord link where you can leave admins messages, file abuse reports, etc.

• Commanders lead the battle – But co-operation is optional. Much better gameplay if you do, but squads are allowed to follow their own tactics so long as it does not obstruct others gameplay.

• Squad leaders are free to kick players from their squad. If this happens to you, then just join another squad – it usually isn’t personal!

• We allow locked squads as otherwise squad leaders would just kick whoever they didn’t want, causing resentment and arguments.

• Players may not choose the unarmed kit role if the server population is over 50 players.

• If you accumulate 3 or more bans on Just4Fun then we will ban you permanently from all our servers.

• Any violation of our rules may result in a kick and/ ban without a warning. We only issue warnings where we feel the player has made a genuine mistake.

• If you repeatably form a squad then immediately leave it, or form a squad just to obtain specific kit, then you will be kicked or banned.

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