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[FM] Full Metal | Comm's & Teamwork | discord.gg/fullmetal

MrEbMrEb Member Posts: 1 ★★

Full Metal is a group created by friends who wanted to create a gaming community for people of all skill levels and experiences that enjoy having fun with others on their favourite games.

Whether you are a brand new player or have hit the 1000+ hour club; everyone is welcome as long as they are respectful and want to get involved!

Server rules

§1. Be respectful, help new players and GET INVOLVED

New players are welcome in Full Metal. If someone is new; help them learn the game and be respectful.

§2. Squad leaders must use a mic and speak English in all/command chat - Language squads must identify themself by their squad name

§3. Squad leaders must equip a Squad Leader, Lead Crewman or Lead Pilot Kit

§4. No Main Spawn Camping with vehicles or FOB (mines/infantry only)

§5. No intentional friendly fire or griefing

§6. The following squad types are limited to 5 members ONLY and MUST be locked at 5:

Dedicated MBT squad, Pilot kit SL, Dedicated TOW squads NOT emplaced on an active capture point.

§7. No locked 1 man squad’s (except logistics/Scout car/Spandrel equivalent)

§8. Vehicles are claimed on a first come first served basis (eg. Armour/Heli)

§9. Whoever was waiting in main base first for a vehicle to respawn (after staging phase) has priority - squad name does not give priority

§10. All vehicles requiring Crewman kit must be 2-manned at all times (unless RTB) - DO NOT LEAVE MAIN SPAWN WITHOUT 2 CREWMEN IN THE VEHICLE

§11. Do not steal other squads vehicles/assets (without vehicles SL permission)

§12. No toxic, confrontational or vulgar behaviour

§13. Any reports, disputes and ban appeals must go through the

@MetalBot. Do not discuss appeals/disputes/reports in public channels or in game chat.

§14. Do not advertise other servers/communities

Seeding rules

§1. Only fight over the middle objective(s) (DO NOT PUSH PAST THE MIDDLE OBJECTIVE)

§2. No FOB/HAB hunting

§3. FOB/HABs can only be built on the flags before middle objective(s)

§4. No FOB emplacements on the middle objectives

§5. No mortars

§6. Logi's are the only vehicle allowed to be used

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