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ZSU Gaming

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ZSU Gaming Rules and Information

Squad server name: [AU] ZSU Gaming Squad #1/2/3/4/5 - discord.gg/zsu

Discord link: https://discord.gg/zsu


ZSU Gaming is a community of players from the Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia regions culminating in a Discord community of thousands playing all sorts of games - Squad included. ZSU Gaming have been around since Squad's EA release and have followed it ever since. Hosting the largest fleet of servers in the OCE region allows us to host both a plethora of events alongside our vanilla Squad servers for the full Squad experience.

Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate

Our server rules are listed below. By joining our servers and/or participating in our community you agree to abide by these rules. Admins and Moderators take all infractions against the rules set out by the community seriously.

Common Server Rules (Extends to all servers owned and operated by ZSU Gaming)

Players must play the game as intended.

Players must not intentionally teamkill.

Players must not hack or alter the game.

Players must not intentionally glitch or exploit the game to gain an advantage. (i.e: Placing an emplacement in a river, rock or unreachable area so as to guarantee its safety)

Players must play with respect and act with teamwork and communication in mind.

Our server is based in Australia and is an English speaking server. Players must not engage in squad leading and/or leadership positions if they are unable to speak English.

Players must not pretend to be an admin of our servers, pretend to be a community representative of ZSU Gaming, or impersonate another person entirely. Our tag is earned.

Players must not make abusive comments towards other players or admins.

Players must not participate in any form of discrimination and/or abusive comments made against or towards fellow players.

Any form of discrimination or abusive comments made against or towards fellow players will not be tolerated.

Players must not partake in metagaming and/or stream sniping - that is a player's use and/or revealing of knowledge concerning the state of the game to influence either theirs or others’ actions, when said persons would have no relevant knowledge or awareness under the circumstances.

If you have an issue with anything on the server (Admins or rules etc.) bring it up in our discord channel #request-an-admin

Squad Server Rules (for ZSU Gaming Squad servers only)

Players must not abuse vehicles or the role of the vehicle - ie. dumping vehicles with no intention to reuse them, and/or using a vehicle as a personal transport. This includes using a vehicle to ram other vehicles, or using a vehicle to disrupt a friendly vehicle or player in any way.

Players must not create Squads with names (or use in-game names) that contain language that is offensive to the average person

This server is not a training ground for competitive clans.

For any vehicles that require crewmen to operate the gunner position, you must have 2 crewmen within the vehicle. The sole exceptions to this rule are the MTLB APC and Bulldog APC.

Players must not shoot emplacements or vehicles out of base protection zone - the only exception to this is if you are being camped at main by the enemy and need to do so to leave.

Leaders of Squads must play using the Squad Leader, Lead Crewman or Lead Pilot Kit.

Players must not create a squad or take the Commander role if they do not intend to lead.

Players must join a Squad.

Players must be actively playing and contributing to the team’s efforts in the game.

Players must not use the unarmed player kit.

Players must not manipulate the Map or Commander Vote system. ie. creating a squad, placing a vote, and then disbanding afterwards.

Players must not spam voice or text chat with the intent to disrupt and/or annoy other players.

Players must not grief or impede the gameplay of their team or teammates.

Additional Seeding Rules - While below 40 players

Players must not advance on, camp or attack HABs in any way.

Players must not place or use offensive emplacements.

Players must fight over the centre cap/s - Cap and Hold - go no further.

Attackers must attack the center cap/s, defenders must defend the center cap/s. Players are to contain fighting to the centre cap/s.

No HAB is to be placed within 150m of the closest centre cap/s. (The inner ring of a Radio creation marker is 150m from its centre point)

Only one Radio per team is allowed. Insurgents may have 2 HABs, but only one Radio.


"I was banned for doing like... one thing against the rules and I got banned. Why so harsh?"

Because there are rules for a reason. They protect the gameplay of the server, and if you got banned, honestly you deserved it. Sit out your ban, and move on. ZSU Gaming and its admins have zero tolerance for breaking the very simple rules that exist on our server.

"I was banned - how can I get unbanned?"

We welcome appeals where you believe that you have been unjustly banned. However, all our bans require evidence to be presented in one form or another, and we have many tools/metrics developed over the years we have hosted Squad to make sure we have evidence of rulebreaking. If you believe there is the potential for an issue to be misconstrued, please raise a ticket on our Discord - discord.gg/zsu - however please note that a "I didn't do it" will be greeted with evidence of you doing what you were said to be doing. This may increase your ban time.

"I want to report an admin for admin abuse - how can I do this?"

You may raise a ticket on our Discord - discord.gg/zsu - however please note that a "I didn't do it" or "this admin has it out for me" will be greeted with evidence of you doing what you were said to be doing. This may increase your ban time. If you are unhappy with our response, you may refer your complaint to OWI directly.

"I have a ban from ages ago on your server. Can I have it removed?"

We do not lift bans solely for the purpose of cleaning up your SCBL record, which is the only reason you would want a ban removed. You were banned for a reason. Learn from your mistakes. We use legacy bans to determine player risk within the game, and we will not remove this. Do not ask.


Either email [email protected] with the following details:

- name of the server,

- any evidence such as video, pictures etc. and

- date and time of incident.

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