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★★ Squad Scandinavia ★★ New Player Friendly [NOR/SWE/DK] Powered by the Alliance

SG_Jons0nSG_Jons0n Member Posts: 2 ★★

[Seeding rules]

1.1 - Fight for middle flag(s) only, and don't cross red lines if placed.

1.2 - Only one FOB/HAB on each side, placed on previous objective.

1.3 - Camping of enemy FOB/HAB is not allowed.

1.4 - Weaponised vehicles and emplacements are not allowed.

1.5 - Server is in seeding mode until it is called LIVE by admin or automessage.

[General rules]

2.1 - We do not permit harassment, offensive behaviour, or political discussions in chat.

2.2 - Do not spam text or voice chat (including staging and post game).

2.3 - Advertising and clan recruiting is not allowed, unless in local comms and on individual circumstances.

2.4 - Names cannot be racist, sexist, or derogatory. Names must be pronounceable and must contain letters from the Latin-1 character set.

2.5 - AFK players outside of seeding time will be asked to join a squad.

2.6 - Admin always has the final say. You are welcome to open a ticket in our Discord channel if you wish to dispute an admin action.

[Game rules]

3.1 - Intentional team killing is not permitted.

3.2 - Apologise for accidental teamkill in ALL chat.

3.3 - No cheating, hacking, bug exploitation, or ghosting.

3.4 - Do not camp or block main base.

3.5 - Players must join or create a squad.

3.6 - Make a reasonable effort to play the objectives.

3.7 - Asset wasting is not permitted.

3.8 - No heli ramming.

3.9 - Only the required number of players to operate a emplacement fob may stay at such a fob.

[Squad rules]

4.1 - Do not create a squad without the intention to lead it.

4.2 - All squad leaders must be using a leader kit.

4.3 - Squad leaders must have a microphone and communicate in English.

4.4 - Squad leaders reserve the right to kick squad members.

[Vehicle rules]

5.1 - Vehicle claiming by squad name only applies for the first spawn of each vehicle.

5.2 - Vehicles requiring crewman kit to operate must contain at least 2 players (except 5 ticket vehicles).

Use !admin if you need assistance


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