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OCE Events - Who/What/Where and How?

Recently it has been noticed that the Oceanic region (OCE) has always been focused on internally creating events and pitching them to a small market of niche players. Because of this realization however, various communities around Australia have recognized the need to involve one another on a greater level than before and to come together as a community.

These combined effort of Australian based Servers to bring the OCE region closer has formed OCE Events, a collaborative project between ZSU Gaming, BigD Gaming, Aussie Battler Gaming (ABG) and Aussie Rum Runners (ARR). Designed with the singular goal of creating amazing events for Aussie, and Kiwi players by members of our communities, OCE Events aims to harness the collective efforts of some of the biggest groups in the region to help promote and facilitate large-scale events for the entirety of OCE.

With our own Discord Server available and links to all of our respective Discords too, it's easy for players new and old to quickly find out what's happening, when and who's server is hosting the event. Players can find the OCE Discord Server invite on every post and can additionally find the invite attached at the bottom of this discussion. To be part of this amazing experience simply join the discord and await a posting as most are done on a near weekly basis and with our first fully collaborative event to take place soon we'll always been keen to see fresh faces come to the events!

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