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[IB] The Inglorious Blueberries

Gorlami14Gorlami14 Member Posts: 1 ★★

You can find the most up to date rules and further explanations of said rules in the Inglorious Blueberries discord by following this link: discord.gg/ShCZaZgHk3


1. Racism, sexism, homophobia or any kind of discrimination is not tolerated on this server and will result in an instant and permanent ban. This includes chat, squad names and player names.

2. No toxicity, this is a new player friendly server people will make mistakes. Toxicity will be punished based on the severity of what was said or done.

3. No advertisements of other clans or communities.

4. Admins have the ability to interpret suspect actions and behavior and take any action they see fit in order to protect the integrity of the server and player community.

5. In-game or server issues should be directed towards an admin using the !admin call out in game. Issues can also be reported in our Discord, but only after the issue is reported in the game.


6. Vehicle claims: Named squads have priority on vehicles. The name must be specific to what you intend to take and you may only claim one class of vehicle with the name. Vehicles that are already occupied at the start of the round cannot be overtaken by a late squad with the associating name. If no named squads are made for a vehicle, it is first come, first serve.

7. 1-man locked squads have to be named and are only allowed for non crewman vehicles and logistics.

8. No 1-manning vehicles that require a crewman kit. You must have 2 crewman BEFORE leaving main. You will not drive to go pick up a 2nd.

9. No Main camping. This includes placing mines and/or IEDs, positioning infantry weapon emplacements, or vehicles ANYWHERE on a map within the sight line of Main specifically for killing players and destroying vehicles as they leave. If your intent is to kill something coming out of main before its had a chance to join the battle, that is considered main camping.

10. Squadleads must have a SL kit and a mic.

11. If you create a squad you must intend to lead it, if you make a squad by accident, disband the squad.

12. No intentional TK’s. Make sure to apologize for all TK’s in all chat.

13. No mic spam. Music is allowed in squad comms if the SL grants permission. We are a streamer friendly server, so please be considerate.

14. No cheating, hacking, exploiting.

15. No ghosting. This is providing the enemy team with information that they wouldn’t normally have.

16. No griefing. Griefing includes intentional asset wasting, helo ramming, use of the unarmed kit, intentional TK’s, ect.

17. Player names must have at least two English characters in order to make callouts.

18. Squad leaders can kick squad members for any reason.

19. English must be used in Command Chat. Squad-specific languages are permitted as long as English is used outside of the squad.

20. If competitive players choose to play on our "New Player Friendly" server we ask that no more than 4 competitive players be on the same side/team.


1. Fight over the middle cap.

2. No FOBs on the middle cap.

3. No emplacements (mortars, TOWs, etc.)

4. No digging up enemy FOBs.

5. Live at 20v20.

6. Logis and transports only (no armed vehicles, including MATVs, Scout Cars, etc.)

7. After live is called, emplacements and attacking the enemies FOB radio/HAB is still prohibited.


  • IonIon Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    unban Ion i said the r Word in chat that multiple other people were throwing out i said it out of context our squad sucked. i didnt mean any offense and I love this Server i wont to patreon. please unban me. im the medic i play my role and make people laugh ask people about me

  • shamdogshamdog Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    How do you join the discord? Can condone send me an invite name on discord is


  • shamdogshamdog Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    Also I would like to donate but idk how

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