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GOON Community and a Brand new server CQB

Blake.GoonBlake.Goon Member Posts: 1 Civilian

The <GOON> Skirmish Server is here to stay!

See below to add yourself to the player list!

Next event is Firday, September 10th, at 7:00 PM EST.

What is the <GOON> Skirmish Server?

- 30v30

- CQB focused

- Day/Night cycle with NVG's

- SUT (Small unit tactics) heavy

So basically, we only seed our server 2-3 times a month. Playing squad tactically in a close quarters environment can be EPIC! That is the aim for this server.

Walking down a quiet street with a whole squad and clearing corners & compounds is exhilarating especially when VOIP is in full effect and people are playing maturely.

We will be running 30v30 for the sole reason of being on the "Skrimish" game-mode. Basically what that means is the game mode uses a much smaller portion of the map and uses less vehicles.

We need your help to seed!

Come join us for a round and let us know what you think. You can join our discord and chat or just hop on the server for fun.

It wont let me post links. DM me for more info

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