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[BB] Bella's Battleground

BellaBella Member Posts: 1 ★★

Who We Are

Bella's Battleground has been active for over 5 years with a reputation for being a well moderated server that keeps players coming back on a daily basis. We believe in providing an enjoyable place that is welcoming to all individuals whether they are new or seasoned. We strongly encourage teamwork, communication, and respect to make this possible.

Several clans and regulars call our server home and actively work with us to achieve balanced matches, fair treatment of all players, and in creating a friendly atmosphere to all.

To ensure variety and prevent repetitiveness, we have over 20 layer rotations we cycle through with a focus on RAAS/AAS while also throwing Territory Control, Invasion, and Insurgency in to the mix regularly. These rotations get revamped every few months as well.

Why We're Here

Our server currently fills by around 3:00 PM PST and begins to taper off around 2:00 AM PST. We would like to increase the active server hours by filling earlier and lasting later. To that end, we're actively seeking players to fill the server earlier and also seeking players to keep the server going through the night. We are also always looking for individuals who would like to permanently join our [BB] loyalty group. In other words, if you're tired of server surfing or waiting in queues during any of the above times; come check us out! Visiting clans are often granted whitelist in exchange for helping seed/promoting server balance.

What We Ask

If any of the above has piqued your interest or curiosity, find us in the Squad server browser and/or join our discord server for further inquiry/information. Server rules, information about joining [BB], and information about whitelist can be found in the #welcome channel. Engage with the community, ask whatever questions you may have, join us in voice chat, etc.

If you're feeling shy, you may also reach out to me in a PM, or contact an admin who have an A[BB] role.

P.S. Whilst joining [BB] is never required or expected, it does have its perks!

Warm regards,

Bella's Battleground Community


  • SladybugSladybug Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    I don't like this server. I won't be playing on it ever again. Admins rude AF.

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