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[DOC] Clinical Gaming - Recruitment

Clyde MaplewoodClyde Maplewood Member Posts: 2 ★★

Our Community

Clinical is a community based around teamwork, friendship, and mutual respect. We want to bring a safe, fun and active community to not only squad but multiple other team based games for everyone with like morals and ideologies can play. We are a New community that has recently been started and is lead by a great group, that is looking for leaders and members to help us build each other up and grow!!

What we offer?

  - A relaxed tactical-style gaming community with a structure that has opportunity for promotion upon desire and commitment

  - Roles that are open and need to be filled by good people like you!!

  - Weekly events and game nights

  - Vanilla based gameplay with possibility for modded gameplay in the future

  - A gaming community focused on building teamwork, friendship, and respect

  - A New community with the desire to grow together 

  - Our members play lots of other games and have various voice and text channels to group up

      - Insurgency

      - Ground Branch

      - Arma

- Battlefield

- Hell Let Loose

What we are asking

  - Players experienced and new with a looking for teamwork, respectful, and fun gameplay

  - Members that desire to step up and be a leader within our community

Discord - https://discord.gg/RBtvavQX5e

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