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[GC] Galactic Contention

HiveNoonHiveNoon Member Posts: 2 ★★

[GC] Galactic Contention

Home to the dedicated players of the full Star Wars conversion mod and its developers, Galactic Contention is the hub for sharing clips, chatting with teammates, trouble-shooting technical issues, and everything in between.

Whether you're looking for a casual game night in a different universe or looking to set foot into a community that could become more, stop by in game and say hello.

Our Discord:


The GC Community brings together fans of the galaxy far, far away whether they are new to Squad, veterans with a hour count worthy of bragging rights, or from somewhere in between. The Galactic Contention community and universe jumps into the teamwork and communication that defines Squad while also fostering the late night hilarity and chaos that comes with a Tusken forklift crew, a perfectly coordinated aerial LAAT assault, or "Roger, roger" charge with the droid team.

Apart from our day to day matches, Galactic Contention also hosts our own Galactic Operations events that focus even more so on the teamwork and communication on custom layers and objectives.

Whether it's the events or daily matches, we'd be excited to have you on board with us!

Our Rules:

The most up-to-date rules for the [GC] Galactic Contention server can be found in the #rules-accept channel of our Discord.


General Game Rules

  • Zero tolerance for any form of Discrimination / Direct personal attacks.
  • Zero tolerance for Hacking / Glitching / Ghosting / Bug Exploitation.
  • No Intentional Team Killing / Asset Wasting / Trolling / Griefing / Heli Ramming.
  • Apologize for team kills in ALL CHAT.
  • Squad leaders MUST have an SL kit, microphone, and preferably use English.
  • DO NOT create squads and immediately give away SL.
  • Any action deemed harmful to the server may result in removal from the server/Discord server at the staff’s discretion.
  • Vehicles that require crewman kits must be claimed by dedicated squads. The first properly named squad has priority (LAAT/HMP are fine).
  • No camping main within 300 meters or destroying vehicles exiting and leaving main.
  • The [GC] tag may only be utilized by Galactic Contention Staff. Please refrain from using similar tags with GC while on our servers as well.
  • Staff Decision is final, you may always appeal bans unless otherwise noted.
  • Do not misuse !admin in game.


Seeding Rules

  • AFKs are welcome during seeding.
  • Fight over the middle point until the game is 20 v 20 or when staff announces “LIVE” at their discretion.
  • FOBs on the first flag may not be destroyed by the opposing team.
  • You may create other FOBs on the map, these may be destroyed if they are not on the first point.
  • No mortars allowed while other emplacements are OK.
  • No commander perks are allowed except GUNSHIP STRIKES & SMOKE.
  • No FOB camping.


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