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[OS] OneShot Gaming

Tushar_95Tushar_95 Member Posts: 2 ★★
edited October 2021 in Hosting Support

OneShot Gaming was started around the idea of creating a unique gaming experience for new and competitive players alike, while keeping a fair and balanced game-play initiative with rules that provide an equal playing field for all players.

The community was built on the backs of dedicated individuals who wanted to make a fun and safe environment for all players to enjoy! All members are open minded individuals who welcome any new player(s) with open arms, to teach as one was taught and to have an equal opportunity to advance in the community itself. The OneShot Gaming community has members from all walks of life spanning the globe, from a growing military following to the everyday working man/woman. OneShot Gaming is truly a place where all squad fanatics can call home. We have a weekly community town hall and a game-night on Sunday's at 4:00 PM EST, pop by if you want to see what we're about!

Sever: [OS] OneShot Gaming | Learning Friendly

Discord: Accessible via https://discord.gg/BSku6S6

Website: https://oneshotgamingofficial.net/

Rules: Our discord has a direct page for access to community/server rules, they are also visible in-game at the teams/game mode info screen.

Adjusted rules:

1. Do not discriminate against or personally attack any other players.

2. Admins have discretion to remove players from the server for griefing or Toxicity.

3. Do not cheat.

3.1 Any activity which gives a player an unfair advantage over other players is cheating.

4. Do not intentionally sabotage your own team.

5. Do not intentionally team-kill for any reason. 

5.1 Players who accidentally team kill must apologize in all chat. 

6. Do not intentionally destroy friendly assets unless beneficial to the team 

6.1 i.e Destroying disabled logi’s or removing useless radios with consent of SL’s.

6.2 Heli ramming is NOT considered beneficial for any reason. 

7. Only use kits which are consistent with your squad type.

7.1 Infantry squad members may NOT use armored vehicles which require a crewman kit.

7.2 Armor squad players may not use infantry kits.

7.3 This rule may be violated if absolutely essential to preserve team assets.

7.3.1 i.e. Moving a vehicle to safety or grabbing a crewman kit to repair a vehicle.

8. Players may not create a squad if they do not intend to lead the squad 

8.1 i.e. creating and passing SL immediately during staging phase

9. Squad leaders MUST use one of the three squad leader kits.

9.1 Squad leaders must use the kit which applies to their squad type.

9.1.1 Infantry: squad lead kit, armor: lead crewman kit, heli: lead pilot kit.

9.2 Armor/heli squads must have armor/heli in their name. 

9.3 All squad leads are required to have a working microphone. 

10.1 Infantry squad members may NOT use armored vehicles which require a crewman kit.

10.2 Armor squad players may not use infantry kits.

10.3 This rule may be violated if absolutely essential to preserve team assets.

10.3.1 i.e. Moving a vehicle to safety or grabbing a crewman kit to repair a vehicle.

11. Do not create one-man locked squads except for the use of non-crewman kit vehicles, mortars, or helis. 

12. Do not engage enemies who are within 400 meters of their own main base (unless the progression of the map prevents a 400 meter gap from main). 

12.1 Do not camp the enemy main base. 

13. No mixing of Armor and Infantry within the same squad.

13.1 Mixing Armor with OTHER Infantry squads is ALLOWED.

13.2 Pocket LATs/HATs are NOT allowed.

13.2.1 Pocket LAT/HAT occurs when a player is using said kit but is a part of another squad, not coordinating with said squad.

14. Do not one-man vehicles which require a crewman kit to use. 

14.1 Exception includes if all crewman of a vehicle die except for one, the remaining player 

may drive the vehicle to safety/Main Base. 

may drive the vehicle to safety/Main Base.

15. Vehicles are determined by claiming the vehicle. This includes Helis. To claim a vehicle, name your squad after a vehicle type. (i.e. Tank, Bradley, BMP etc.)

15.1 Always coordinate with the team to use vehicles for their intended use. use teamwork for transportation, armored fire support, logistics, etc.

15.2 Never waste or abuse the role of any vehicle. (Ex: Using logistics as a transport)

15.3 Always have two crewmen assigned to any vehicle that requires a crewman kit.

15.4 Armor is claimed by properly named squads


15.5 "Armor" is NOT a valid name for a vehicle squad, be more specific.

15.5.1 i.e Bradley, BMP, T-72, Tank, APC, Stryker, Heli.

15.6 Recreating a squad to claim a separate vehicle is only allowed when no other squads have vehicle claim.

15.6.1 If There is an IFV squad, but no Tank squad when the tank spawns, the IFV squad may recreate their squad to claim the tank.

15.7 Vehicles that do not require crewman kits, cannot be claimed, and are first come, first serve.

15.8 Vehicles that are NOT claimed, are used on a first come, first serve basis, to properly named armor squads. 

15.8.1 If Both tank and IFV are destroyed, and the APC is not claimed by another squad, either the tank or IFV squad may claim the APC, based on who claims the vehicle in game first.


15.9  Heli Squads may consist of up to three players.

15.10  Heli Squad kits are limited to any NON-team-limited kits.

15.10.1 i.e Pilot, Medic, Rifleman, Crewman.

15.10.2 HAT/LAT/ kits are NOT allowed.

15.10.3 The exception is Combat Engineer.

16.   Players leading armor or heli squads may not take the commander role.

17.  Do not lie to admins, or waste an admin’s time.


  • Squad_is_dyingSquad_is_dying Member Posts: 0 Civilian

    Playing here the other night i was engaging with this clan in all chat and the whole server was messing around joking about the mech inf rule. The admins got really triggered by the one clan involved and blanket banned them permanently for "community standards" without ever warning them to clear all chat afaik, half the server was doing it still. These community standards dont seem to be posted anywhere, seems like they coulda banned any of us for basically no reason. I dont wanna get targeted and banned for something arbitrary with no warning and if you dont either i recommend you dont play here. Idk how OWI allows this kind of admin abuse and is frankly a big part of why this game is dying. All it takes is one triggered admin to send you packing for no reason at all.

  • Tushar_95Tushar_95 Member Posts: 2 ★★

    I m surprised you created an account named that, just to flame a community that banned 3-4 players that have had a history of trolling and breaching rules well beyond logic. I do give you props for taking up the issue, but given the context in this statement, we are very well aware of who you are and why you were banned. Please commit your time elsewhere and push your energy into being constructive instead of toxic. There is a reason why you are not welcome on the OS server and its interesting how it takes a clan cough to get player banned or association banned from our server for a post to go up. Regardless we shall be escalating the matter with your organization just so there is further clarity on why you are not allowed on the server based on our community standards that you continuously flout.

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