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Helicopters are not meant to be invulnerable

SerjikalSerjikal Member Posts: 2 Civilian

Playing Kohat as Russian, British Puma comes in and makes a nice over at about 30ft, and about 50m away from me. We're staring at each other, eye to eye.

I pull out my HEAT RPG, line up, and nail it straight into the cockpit.

Pilot pulls collective and starts flying away, I pull my FRAG and fire another round hitting the side (was aiming for the T/R).


I fly helicopters in real life for the USAF (UH-1N, they still exist).

If we took a RPG to the face, we'd be dead, no questions. If it hits the T/R, insert Blackhawk Down video. If it hits the engines, we're probably autorotating to the ground and it's a very bad day. If it hits anywhere else/airburst shrapnel damage (ala insurgents in Iraq at 300ft) it'd mess the helicopter up.

Please adjust the damage tables on Helos. This would help solve YOLOPilots just flying straight into a Hot LZ to dump supplies, if they know they're vulnerable to anywhere else besides just a T/R Hit or Small Arms fire constantly to the Engine.



  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 127 ★★
    edited September 8

    They only have to tweak a few numbers to achieve this(including damaging the engine reducing hp damage), they don't because this game is designed to be "casual." They think getting shot out of sky(once in a bluemoon when a rocket actually hits instead of the 99 out of 100 that miss) is un-fun but they forget they made choppers respawn as fast as logi. Not to mention current system already allows the best LAT(the AT-4) to one-shot choppers anyway(if it didn't bug out to do no damage).

  • sudssuds gameplay 5:3 realismMember Posts: 6 Civilian

    Realism aside, the balance of heli damage is pretty good. It promotes a bit of risky flying but that just makes it more fun for everyone.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 127 ★★
    edited September 16

    Not fun for everyone, not even close.

    It's not fun for passengers, because the hail of HMG fire that didn't kill the chopper due to its massive healthpool vs. distance likely killed passengers(theoetical example of 100 damage from hmg will do 15 damage to 1000hp pool of helicopter but full 100damage to the passenger, before damage reduction) anyway so even if helicopter didn't explode, they're dead and generally not revivable after they fall to ground.

    It's not fun for people shooting at helicopters because 12.7 and 14.5 damage are too poor against it, while the only anti-tank launcher that can one shot it from full hp(if it doesn't bug out and take no damage due to server desync) being AT-4; direct hits with AT launcher that isn't AT-4 also seldomly kill any passenger.

    It's not fun for people with helicopter buzzing over their heads pretending to do "recon" - same as above, way too much work/resources committed to discourage helicopters from pretending to be flying tanks.

    It's not fun for everyone when flying tank poops out fobs all over the map with very little that can stop them(at least with logi, mines can do something passively and they're actually very vulnerable to smallarms; helicopters play a different game), that's part of the fob spam meta.

    Might be "fun" for the pilot only, even then those with brain will have to live with the fact that they either don't get hit and durability is irrelevant, or they get hit and they only got away because helicopter durability is way overtuned, meaning lower skill ceiling.

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