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[RWR] The Regiment of the Western Republic - Milsim-Light community

FlanaganFlanagan Member Posts: 2 ★★

About us

  The Regiment of the Western Republic is a gaming community with a primary focus on Squad. Our members participate in a large amount of Squad games from Milsim to Competitive vanilla games. The Regiment of the Western Republic has been around for 6 months and is still growing quickly! Our clan focuses on offering a relaxed milsim unit for players that wish to have the milsim structure while still understanding that real life commitments will always come first.

What do we offer?

  - A relaxed milsim-style gaming clan with a rank structure and opportunity for promotion upon desire and merit

  - Dedicated sections with varying skill sets and focuses 

  - Weekly Milsim Operations on Saturdays at 20:30EST to focus on objective based gameplay

  - Clan vs Clan Vanilla games and scrimmages on Sundays at 20:00EST

  - A gaming community focused on building camaraderie and friendship

  - One of the top 25 North American Squad servers! 

  - Our members play lots of other games and have various voice and text channels to group up

      - Post Scriptum

      - War Thunder

      - Escape from Tarkov

What are we looking for? 

  - Players with a desire for teamwork, professionalism, and fun

  - A microphone is required

  - English is the primary language spoken/written within the [RWR], multilingual and international players are more than welcome.

  - New and experienced players alike who are looking to improve the quality of their Squad matches 

Discord: discord.io/therwr

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