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[RIP] Rusty In Places

RustyInPlacesRustyInPlaces Member Posts: 4 ★★

[RIP] Rusty In Places is a multi-gaming clan, founded in 2006. The gaming world has changed multiple times and we have kept our vision throughout. Against all odds, we have survived the test of time across many fields of battle, with an average of 300 active members at any one time across whatever games take our interest at any point, we are still going strong.

So if your looking for a mature over 21's clan that has lasted the sands of time, look us up as we are always on the lookout for new members to join our relaxed group. Feel free to chat with us in our discord or join us in our TS3 server whilst on our servers.


  • RustyInPlacesRustyInPlaces Member Posts: 4 ★★

    Since couldn't post links above and still not of the correct rank, let's post them as text which unfortunately means you will have to highlight/right-click or copy/paste to visit but ........

    Our Website: www.rustyinplaces.org

    Our Discord: discord.gg/3x42YQ3

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