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Feature Request: Play with Friends with Mockup

SnooopsSnooops Member Posts: 1 Civilian


i want to raise a feature request. If you like it, please leave a vote for it.

Mockup: can't put links ... because i'm new, maybe a mod can verify the link and edit this post to add it proper: snooops.net /wp-content/uploads/2021/09/02-03_00_2_MainMenu_newlook3.png

Description: As a player i want to play on servers with a pre-created Team with my Friends as a complete Squad, or as a Fireteam part of a Squad, depending on the size of my pre-created Team. Because I would experience more fun in this game. And it would become more competitive for me.

Possible technical Implementations:

Starting from the Main menu:

  • Look at the Mockup for the Main menu
  • From the Mockup, search for Servers with free Slots for this Squad or Fireteam -> (Player count on each Server needs to be discussed and respected to prevent uneven Teams)
  • Join a specific Server in Queue (even if it would take 15minutes, it would be Ok for me) - Maybe a different Squad Queue is needed)

Starting from a running game:

  • If you find a Squad or Fireteam ingame which is decent and you like to keep playing together for the next round, every Member of the Squad or Fireteam could mark the squad or fireteam to be permanent for the next round.

Points to consider:

  • Balancing, having preassembled Squads could lead to have inbalanced skillset among the squads and then between the teams. BUT on the hand, it could balance by itself naturally because more pre-assembled Squads would maybe fix it by itself.
  • New players could have it more difficult to find squads in the staging phase to join at. Maybe a limitation of precreated squads could fix this. But if a limitation is in place, this should be transparent in the server queue / Main menu somehow.
  • Vehicle squads could be affected somehow.

So, in general playing with friends is more fun, and it would enable me and my friends to improve our squad kung fu to a next level, with a power over 9000!!!!! :D

Best regards,



  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 41

    This topic has been brought up in the past. You can play with your friends by joining the same server. each new round you have a chance to join the same team if you are quick enough.(less than 30 players on each side) From there you can create your own lock squad and invite your friends. This is how I play with my clan each and every match.

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