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[EU] Eunoia Community looking for contributor/s for a Squad section

AlurakAlurak Member Posts: 1

Greetings Squad players,

I'm currently looking around for anyone that could be interested in collaborating in supporting a Squad section for our Discord community (Eunoia).

To give a bit of context, we originally started as a WoW guild and have since expanded a bit into trying out other games. I'm particularly interested in expanding into some FPS representation and I have been enjoying my time with Squad, but my own lack of experience might hinder my ability to effectively start-up this project on my own. Nonetheless, the core design of the game seems quite fit for the style of community we want to promote.

Some of the important fundamentals that we have in common with other games are:

- Strictly casual, no strong commitments and playing for fun. Games become better with more people around.

- EU based, with peak activity around 19:00-20:00 UTC (EU afternoons & evenings, compatible with work schedules)

- Interest in other games is a plus and there's plenty of space for offtopic. The community is a great way to meet new people.

If you are interested in knowing more details, you can contact me anytime:

IGN: Black Phoenix

Discord: Black Phoenix#1923

Have a good day!

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