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Map layer customization & various tweaks

FirowFirow Member Posts: 3 Civilian

Hello, having played Squad now for around 1300 hours, I believe I've got a few relatively simple tweaks that could greatly improve the experience.

  • Allow server owners to customize maps with pre-built (not invincible) FOB's, this would really improve the monotonous nature of the layers (especially invasion).
  • Grant server owners access to different weather and time of day.
  • Make server owners able to define objective areas themselves, this would also reduce the amount of work required from the devs.
  • Prevent mines from being dug into rock or asphalt (some sort of material check on placement?), but introduce tamperproofing (cannot be dug up without detonation). With this you'd need to allow .50cal and higher to kill mines.
  • Introduce Ai FOB defenders, maincamping is a huge problem in Squad. Requires constant monitoring and intervention, otherwise 2 players will end up camping the entire enemy vehicle arsenal. Right now it's promoting it with the current balance and map layers, it leads to toxic behavior and lone wolfing.

The main job would be to seperate the base maps from the pre-built structures, then load them when you join that layer.

These changes are mainly centered around giving server owners the power to make their servers unique, instead of having all the servers rocking the same small map pool.


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