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Replay system promotes the healthy development of game ecology

IceSwordIceSword Member Posts: 5 Civilian

As of August 2021, the following problems still exist in the game:

1.It is difficult to learn tactics from the game. Novices need to go through many events, at least hundreds of hours, to grow into veterans. It is difficult for non tribal member teams to learn from the experience of tribal member teams because they do not have replay resources for tactical replay.

2.A large number of cheaters and difficult to find. Due to the lack of playback system, it is impossible for more people to take the initiative to find cheating players.


  • IceSwordIceSword Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    At present, the ecology in the game is somewhat unhealthy.

    Considering the limited development resources of the OWI team, it is recommended to spend more resources to solve this problem, which will be much more important than developing new maps and factions.

    Suggestions for improvement are as follows:

    1.It is recommended to turn on the automatic recording option, and the client will automatically download and playback after the game is over.

    2.It is recommended to add the playback menu of the day in the service browser interface to facilitate download and playback.

  • MooneefMooneef Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Agreed. A replay system will let the average player create content and remember memorable moments, let newer players reflect on what they did wrong and what the enemy did right, and help us detect any cheaters easier. The current system can be abused so servers have it turned off. A easy solution (on paper) is to give us the recording after the game, like most other video games do.

  • IceSwordIceSword Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    Any reply?

  • IceSwordIceSword Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    Hope to get a reply from the developer.

  • IceSwordIceSword Member Posts: 5 Civilian
  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 15 ★★

    Don't expect a reply, things have been beyond silent here for a while. I don't know what happened to the last promise of "increased communication"

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