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T90 tank

nhanlenhanle Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Due to the specific combat function, the tank is evaluated through a variety of technical and tactical parameters that fall into the following main feature groups:

Firepower: is the quantity, quality, and caliber of weapons mounted on the vehicle. Including many parameters such as fast rate of fire, accuracy, longest range, closest range, destructive power of bullets... Modern tanks are usually equipped with a smooth-bore gun or cannon. caliber 100 to 125 mm (During World War II common caliber 75–100 mm) 1–2 machine gun slots in the nose 1 machine gun located in the turret. Ammunition has a variety of explosive, steel-piercing, anti-tank bullets, and guided missiles fired through the barrel

Steel shell: this is a parameter of the vehicle's protection including the quantity, quality, thickness, material, shape and position of the layers of steel shell material to protect the vehicle. .. Modern tanks in addition to many layers of steel and composite materials also have explosive protective suspension layers (also known as explosive reactive armor, abbreviated as ERA) and anti-radiation material layers for case of nuclear war and the recirculation and filtration system against chemical and biological weapons.

Mobility: A very important feature that determines the combat effectiveness of the tank, including parameters such as maximum speed, combat speed on terrain, ability to overcome obstacles, ability to overcome slopes. , the ability to cross the river, the longest range, the cross-country...

Currently, famous tanks are produced in a number of countries that are military and economic powers in the world and also countries with a tradition of using tanks in war such as Russia (USSR), The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Israel, and recently China, South Korea, North Korea... Each country, depending on its opinion, experience and conditions, builds vehicles according to its own priorities for specific characteristics. tank capacity.


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