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New maps/factions?

TheLoneRangoTheLoneRango Member Posts: 3 Civilian

All I'm saying, Syria.... Syria is still a big problem in current war and would be dope to play Insurg's Syrian mili or US with them.

Africa/Somalia, US still is there but doesn't fight but Somali insurgents and African mili fight like crazy and would have some cool concepts.

Armenian wars. We got Russia, put the real deal conflict in please!

I must say no more, these three areas/maps/factions would have some awesome battles that aren't viewed much or talked about much.


  • DubsDubs Member Posts: 22 Moderator

    There's new factions and maps under development.

    In terms of factions, there's PanAsia, US Marines and the Australian Army coming. In terms of maps, there was a recent release Anvil, and coming sometime in the future is Blackcoast and a few unannounced maps, which are new biomes and some with a focus on amphibious warfare.

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