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Movement Overhaul Needs/Wants

sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 91 ★★

Considering we have a tentative player motion overhaul coming at some point down the line, I wanted to see what people think needs changing, and to point out the quite frankly early access-feeling things that still plague this game.

  • Players can pivot with no speed cap while prone, resulting in situations where you might get the drop on someone who's bipodded with an MG doing a 180 in .3 seconds and blasting you.
  • Players can A/D strafe spam while running and seemingly glide in a really strange way to dodge enemy fire, especially at range. The uncanny nature of this is a lot more apparent when you see someone do it in 3p. Players feel kind of disconnected from the ground and weightless in that regard.
  • Double-jump vaulting. Fuzz has already touched on this, and I think it's clear that falling from a 3 story building and being able to vault onto an object below to negate fall damage is ridiculous. It's also ridiculous that you can jump rooftop to rooftop using clambering as it is right now - falling to torso-level with another surface after a jump and then being able to pull yourself up with no problem.
  • Ladders - self explanatory. Ladders are totally at odds with this game and make CSGO's seem immersive.
  • Infinite sprinting. This is one that I'm not a fan of. I don't see why players should constantly be able to move at a sprint, even if it's just a bit faster than walking. People often complain about transports not being used properly in this game, and, in conjunction with overwhelming amounts of spawn points, I believe that infinite sprint is a contributor to this problem. It's often faster to just hoof it to the next point as a squad than wait to coordinate with an APC/heli. In my mind, sprinting should be used in moments of urgency measuring in the seconds - not a mode of transport. With an actually functional stamina bar, you could really slow down the objective rushing that infantry squads can achieve, especially when caps have lots of cover between them, or are 1-1.5 km apart. You could give diminishing returns on consecutive sprints if you don't let your stamina recharge fully, so as to discourage the marathonning that's so common today. Stronger sway after a full sprint, along with slower sprint-to-aim time would probably help too.
  • Lean spam - still in the game, despite the alleged "nerfs" with stamina. Not enough of a discouragement to use it, even if I rarely see it used in public matches. Don't see why it was touched so little.
  • Environmental slow-downs. This is one that's also really annoying, considering other OWI-core games achieve this, like Post Scriptum. Passing through heavy foliage resulting in a slowdown would be nice, meaning you can't just gun through forests, going max speed AND having great concealment. This also applies to shallow bodies of water that don't affect your movement speed whatsoever which is a disappointment. While there aren't many places this would be noticeable, the maps which would be affected could seriously change some tactics - especially once amphibious vehicles arrive. Wading your squad across a 3 foot deep creek might become a suicidal notion if you get caught out, and you may need to actually plan an approach to your next spot if there are enemies nearby.
  • Falling while standing perfectly still. Not a big issue, but would probably help relieve the stupid parkour antics that players, me included, abuse from time to time. If you fall for more than one second, you should ragdoll, like how jumping out of a moving vehicle ragdolls you.
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