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LAT/HAT/Vehicle damage

ScienceScience Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Currently in the game Heli's take no damage from direct LAT and HAT fire from what I have experienced. These Heli's have bare bone's for armor. A direct hit to the windshield should kill the pilots. The LATS and HATS also seem to lack firepower in regards to logis. I have experienced direct shots to the engine/windshield with the logi being able to speed away with little to no causalities. IF there is a roll for damage or effectiveness for the rockets I recommend increasing the odds.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 456 ★★
    edited August 2021

    They can take damage, just never from 100% to 0 in one shot unless it's american-bias AT4.

    You can abuse doubledamage bug on logi(even with rifles to kill them fairly quickly) but that's...a bug.

    Helicopters were intentionally made to be flying tanks and have super quick respawn time(which they didn't need, because helicopters are almost never held up by enemy, unlike logi trucks, due to the impossibility of killing the pilot under normal circumstances)+low ticket cost because some people at owi wanted to coddle bad pilots(while simultaneously let the game have an unintuitive flight system at release).

    Ideally Squad's helicopters would be more like this:

    That way they're fragile but are workable, without being a total waste of bullets(right now in squad you can kill a chopper that isn't full with roughly half the BTR's HE or AP ammo load - depending on accuracy/range, that will only get you maybe 5 minutes of them not buzzing above you, guiding rest of their team to hit you with mortars...etc.).

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