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Reporting Issues Found in Squad

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Sometimes you may experience issues or bugs in Squad that impacts your experience while playing. While this isn't ideal, reporting these bugs or issues ensures that our development team can tackle them as soon as possible so that others do not experience the same.

When submitting a bug report on the forums, it's best to use the search functionality to see if someone has already posted a bug report for what you have seen. It may also include a temporary workaround or fix, but this also prevents duplicate reports.

When reporting an issue, please be mindful of the following in your report:

For gameplay/stability bugs:

  • A clear description of what happened and what you were doing before it happened
  • A video or screenshot, if possible
  • Which layer this occurred on, and which faction
  • Whether others were seeing/experiencing the same
  • If known, which steps can be taken to reproduce the issue
  • If the issue is an exploit, please report it to a developer or the Community team directly, DO NOT post about it publicly.

For map/layer bugs:

  • A clear description of what's broken
  • Name of the layer and location
  • Screenshot looking at the issue with the minimap open.

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