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『LiQ』LiQuid Gaming

budgeukbudgeuk Member Posts: 2 ★★

LiQuid Gaming was created back in June of 2019 by our founding Members: Almtree, Apache1, Budge, and Chase. 

Since then we have grown to +2500 people in the discord and over 450 LiQ Members and reserves!

We are extremely proud of the fact that we care for >25,000 unique players per month between our two public Squad servers. 

With 50+ Admins and moderators, we are able to ensure games flow as smoothly as possible, with a focus on helping new players learn the fundamentals, so they are better equipped for the battlefield.

We update our rotations bi-weekly using feedback from the community and try to make every layer as balanced as possible. 

Our main server rule is: Play the Objective! This enables us to make sure you are never far away from any action and the games are always exciting!!

At the launch of V1.0 Liquid Gaming released player tracking of all stats on our website www.liqgaming.com

We track all Kills, Deaths, revives, and TK’s! So you and your buddies can put away the rulers, and check the scoreboards..

Our Community currently hosts servers for 7 different games including:

-Squad (5)


-Arma (3)



-Gary's Mod


Other games actively played by the community include:

-Escape from Tarkov

-Post Scriptum


-Among Us

-War Thunder

-Rocket League


-Beyond the Wire



-As well as a variety of tabletop sims, and VR Games!

Event planners are organizing LiQ game nights. Competitive Directors are scheduling scrimmages and practices. Arma staff meticulously coordinate weekly ops. 

There is so much to be involved in, and we are always looking for new games to add to our list!

We are consistently looking for ways to improve and evolve our community in order to be more diverse. Not only in the games we play, but also in the people, we play with.

ALL who seek to meet and play with friends in a friendly and fun environment are welcome here 🙂

Visit us at Liqgaming.com/discord for more information

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