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Very long load times/ and loss connection to servers

HammerpigHammerpig Member Posts: 2 Civilian


I've been playing Squad for about two weeks. Way too often it takes up to ten minutes to load onto a server/game. I get several load screens, sometimes get disconnected, sometimes asked to reconnect (anticheat screen). I have very rarely been able to just load in and play. Even when I get to play a game after the game ends and I'm ready to play another, I get long load times, sometimes up to ten- twenty minutes. Almost always I get disconnected and have to try to reconnect to the same server again. Very frustrating.I am hard wired into my modem, and I have no issues with other similar games.


  • HammerpigHammerpig Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    So I've reached out to every site I can find, and I've gotten back a email ackowledging my request for help... and that's it. No help from this site, or at Steam. None. I tried to play yesterday, and was able to play one game, then nothing for the rest of the day, just disconnects and long load times which also lead to disconnects. The game is unplayable for me at this point.

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