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Commander Teamkill Rework

FuZeLFuZeL Member Posts: 4 Civilian

As someone who regularly plays in the Commander role, this issue NEEDS fixing.

Tactical abilities such as creeping barrage can be game changing to allow an objective to be captured or deny enemy pushes. This presents a risk that if friendlies are near team killing can take place. Today I was playing and called in artillery 200m ahead of a friendly push, I made it clear over Command Comms that this was going on, however, some people ran a bit hastily and were killed. The failure came as one SL failed to communicate and didn't tell his team mates to hold off. This resulted in me being kicked from the game.

This is now the 6th time this has happened to me, meaning I am restricted to using these useful assets in less useful places, as I don't wish to continue to be kicked.

Solution? Maybe increase the TK count on these abilities. This opens room for abuse, however, it's easy for a commander to be voted out very quickly which somewhat prevents this.

People playing commander and using assets available to the team should not be scared of non-intentional TKs due to someone else's inability to not run towards ARTILLERY that is loud and very visible.


  • FuZeLFuZeL Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    Apologies for spelling errors etc.. safe to say I'm very irritated after just being kicked from a server for this issue! Artillery onto final objective for our team. Everyone warned on comms and still I am kicked for people running in thinking it will be okay.

  • tzaerutzaeru Member Posts: 32

    Good point this.

    I've never gotten myself kicked due to it but I can definitely see how it happens. Maybe commanders should just be an exception to being automatically kicked.

  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 35

    no i've seen commanders troll and call arty on the team because he was angry.

    What I would like to see is a count of how many arty barrages/mortars are left when the commander calls it, on the map. maybe within the yellow circle show a number just like how it shoes how much ammo is on the fob.

  • tzaerutzaeru Member Posts: 32

    Well if the commander calls a troll artillery strike, it's gonna hit anyway before he's kicked out.

    If he wasn't kicked automatically, he can just be voted out of the commander position.

    But yea maybe it can also be like a significantly increased TK limit, like 10.

  • FuZeLFuZeL Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    If a commander does attempt to troll, he cant easily be outvoted by squad commanders, though I do appreciate that getting killed in this way is very frustrating. Though certainly increasing the TK limit for commander would be good. And that was a great point above to see the number of rounds that are left to splash

  • FuZeLFuZeL Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    Showing a "kill" radius or the distance for potential shrapnel could also counter this issue, but fundamentally, SLs need to communicate down to avoid areas of artillery and work with the commander

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