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Gett rid of the score system

RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 34

Moidawg and Captain and several other streamers and players including myself, would like the score sytem removed. This statement taken from Reddit sums up my thoughts:

"Captain, please make a video focusing on this and only this. You touched on it in this video but no one is discussing it because they want to talk about drama instead. You're absolutely right that the score is meaningless and OWI should have fixed this long ago (should have been done before leaving Beta and going V1).

"This game will not teach you how to play, it won't even give you a ticket breakdown "

With that said "Squad 1 best squad cause we have the highest score" /s... and you can see why we argue against having stats/trophies/awards in this game that are not correctly aligned with how this game should be played as it just encourages bad play.

I believe this is intentional design decisions by OWI. They want this game to be a sandbox where players casually jump in and out and milsim around. I don't believe they want this to be a traditional FPS game where we play competitively against one another. This is the only conclusion I can come up with as to why OWI refuses to educate the player base on the rules of their game... they don't want normal every day players to know the game rules."


  • tzaerutzaeru Member Posts: 27

    I'd prefer to have the stats screen. I like to see how many kills I got, how many times I died, etc.

    If I've been playing mortars the whole game, it's super important for me to see the stat screen in the end to understand if my mortars hit as I was hoping for them to hit.

    If anything, the stat screen needs to be expanded to a proper after-action combat report, that maybe even quickly replays the game on a map screen second by second on some +5 000% speed. So it would condensate the 45 minute game to one minute rewind.

    Of course it would at the same time show the ticket counts on both teams and how they change.

  • tzaerutzaeru Member Posts: 27

    condensate = condense..

    Blargh would be nice if I could actually edit the typoes out.

  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 34

    im not talking about the stat screen, im talking about the score section specifically within the stat screen. The score is pretty meaningless and Captain talks about it in his video and says there is no explanation of the score.

  • tzaerutzaeru Member Posts: 27

    Ah, right, sorry, I was too hasty.

    Yeah the score seems rather pointless. Squads can artificially get it up by just trying to be on all points whether they are actually needed or not. E.g. making sure you're doing the backcaps, while also siting on the middle point, and avoiding ever going out of a point gives you nice score, but is not necessarily otherwise useful.

  • scoobiscoobi UKMember Posts: 2 Civilian

    Agree no need for a score screen, your team either won or lost.

    A full set of your stats (need to discuss whatever they should include) should be available at the end of each match, as these are your stats only you should see them and as this is a team game a set of team/squad stats should be displayed. Your stats should be made available individually to you outside of the game in an easily editable format so should you feel the need to post your stats / stream the game no one except you will believe your stats either way, but you will know how you performed. The team / squad stats should be shown as soon as the match ends as is now and include number of : deaths / team kills / revives / dead dead / vehicle losses / cap points lost (team stats only) / gained / HABs built & grid location / HAB respawns per HAB / supply runs per HAB / rallys dropped / rally respawns.

    Ref mortars, the spotter should be able to tell you how your rounds are landing, the adjustments required and how effective they are. Why should you know the results of blind fire? it's 'blind' for a reason. Knowing how effective your rounds were after the game is of no use to your team, they will already know this by how many enemy there where in the area of fire.

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