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SOT S2 - Squad Open Tournament Season nĀ°2 - 2021

Alexei_BladeAlexei_Blade FranceMember Posts: 5 ā˜…

Hello ! šŸ˜Ž

Let's talk a bit about the new season of the Squad Open Tournament !

ā€¢ What is the Squad Open Tournament ?

S.O.T (Squad Open Tournament) is a tournament taking place near the end of the Year, before OISC. With your clan or coalition, you will have to fight for the win against other clans. This year, season 2 is set to take place from the 3rd September to the 17th October 2021. Here are some caracteristics of the tournament :

ā†’ 40 vs 40 players

ā†’ AAS layers and gamemode

ā†’ 18 selected clans for season 2 !

ā†’ Group stage with 3 groups followed by knock out stage with eliminations

ā€¢ Are you interested to participate ? Or be part of the STAFF managing it ?

We are always in need of talented and dedicated people to help us run the event. These are the following roles we are looking for :

ā†’ Tournament Advisor

ā†’ Caster

ā†’ Referee

ā†’ Server Provider

ā†’ Graphic Designer


If you are a clan representative* and you are interested about participating in SOT S2, then please fill the Expression of interest document ! A clan filling up this document will have more chances to be selected in season 2.


ā€¢ Discord Link for news :


*You can request Clan Representative role. Please contact any Tournament Manager or Advisor.

Thank you for your interest. We hope this new season will hype you all and will be funny. Stay tuned for more information ! šŸ˜€

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