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[SP] Spartan Squad | SAF | Actively Recruiting

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About Us

Based around the Singapore Armed Forces, we base our trainings and scenarios from real life trainings and operations. We treat our comrades in arms like Brothers or Sisters with a large number of alliances. With a strong command team, some of which have past or current Military Experience provide a realistic yet relaxed situation for all Troopers. At the moment, we have players from Singapore, America, Australia and England as the major population of our community. We have a progressive rank system and various courses that you will be able to attend (subjected to availability) to develop your leadership skills and abilities. We also offer you the opportunity to take charge of projects and take on additional appointments if you wish to do so. We from Spartan Squad welcome players from any backgrounds to join us. 


We aim to satisfy the needs and wants to those whom may want to have a realistic military experience.

What to expect?

> - You can expect there to be regimentation and discipline when it's time to be serious.

> - You can expect there to be combat/support courses that you may apply for to further your knowledge of the Military. 

> - You can expect there to be growing opportunities whether it be through the ranks or new challenges you may face. 

> - You can expect there to be a welcoming environment with respectful staffing and trainers to further your journey. 

> - You can expect there to be joint events with other clans to produce a larger scale events.

Future plans

> - We are planning to open up, Armored Infantry and Air Force.

> - We are planning joint events with other units on a regular basis to immerse with a large scale MILSIM. 

> - We are planning to host more internal events and planned ops for the unit.

> - We are planning to open a public server in the near future.


> - Functional microphone.

> - Fluent in English. 

> - Age 16+ (This is to ensure that players are mature)

> - Able to work in a team environment.

> - Able to take orders and directions of their superiors. 

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