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Server Closed Connection

0SilenceDogood00SilenceDogood0 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Joined duck pond at 7:07

Server closed connection at 7:09

Joined Kokan at 7:10

Server Closed Connection at 7:27

Joined Gordock invasion 7:27

Server closed 7:54

Joined Talil INvasion 7:56

Server Closed Connection at 8:02

This is such a problem that Squad is barely playable, this happens much more often these are just some of the events I logged tonight!

How do I fix this?


  • Alexei_BladeAlexei_Blade FranceMember Posts: 10 ★★


    I've been playing Squad for a while now. For me this issue is not recurring - it happens but only reconnect to the server and it works fine.

    What you are describing seems to be recurrent - you only play 20 mins and you get kicked. From my experience (I am not a dev or else) when you have a "Server closed connection" error, it means that it comes either from the server you are playing on or it is on your own side. I don't think the game has anything to do with this error. Because connection errors only occurs between the client (you) or the server you are trying to connect to or playing on to.

    This would lead to some questions :

    • Which server is it - if you would like to share it?
    • Do you know if other people have this issue on this specific server?
    • Have you tried other servers aswell?
    • Do you have a decent connection - try to run a speedtest if needed?

    I hope it will help you a bit.

  • 6BuNnY96BuNnY9 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    I have the same problem, does not matter which server I join I get a message saying server closed connection.

    I have tried everything from reinstalling to even calling my service provider but we can not get it fixed.

    Please tell me there is a fix somehow?

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