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Make rallies based again

Teebird38Teebird38 Member Posts: 23 Civilian

consider these rally changes

A Squad Leader has the ability to set Rally Points (RP). This allows fallen squad members to regroup in a safe area with the rest of their squad. To place a RP you need to press the secondary radio key (T) and select PLACE RALLY POINT.

The following conditions must be met for the RP to be placed successfully:

  • You are the leader of your squad and are equipped with the officer kit.
  • You need to have 2 squad members close to you.
  • Enemy is further than 50m away on 1x1km maps or 125m or 2x2km and 4x4km maps.

The rally point automatically disappears after 60 seconds unless:

  • It is within 2x large map grid squares of a friendly FOB
  • It is within 2x large map grid squares of a friendly APC or IFV. Only those of which you can request kits.

An enemy that comes within 50m on 1x1km maps or 125m or 2x2km and 4x4km maps from the rally point will disable it. On larger maps it is 600m.

A rally point rearms every 1 minute. Unless it has become overrun. In which case you need to wait 5 minutes.


  • tzaerutzaeru Member Posts: 27

    Sounds a bit complicated tbh.

    What's the end goal you'd wish to attain with this change? More planning and less time in active combat?

  • Teebird38Teebird38 Member Posts: 23 Civilian

    It’s not complicated at all this will help encourage squads to be more cohesive and stick together as a unit rather than an unlimited rally of guys spawning in at random.

  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 34

    Why are you reposting the same thing you posted already? You already made one topic post about it:

  • Teebird38Teebird38 Member Posts: 23 Civilian

    That was someone else’s post I wanted to make my own

  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 34

    You literally just copied and pasted the same exact thing but didn't give any credit to the person this time.

  • WeenWeen Member Posts: 4

    Why does everyone feel that making it harder to spawn will force more cohesiveness? That is absurd. The impact on squad cohesiveness will be minuscule at BEST. The larger result we'll be that players become more frustrated because they wel have to run further to get to points because the advantage is shifting so heavily toward attacking squads. Wiping the defenders spaws is becoming laughably easy. This mentality is killing the game... You are trying to turn a bolt with a **** hammer.

    Instead how about give incentives to sticking together. Like less suppressive effect, more stamina, better aim stability, w/e.

    I'm sick of all the "fixes" being done and suggested coming in the form of making it harder to spawn! How will that force better squad cohesion? It won't. Those two things are not directly linked. The average player doesnt give two **** about those kind of consequences. If you give some kind of perk for sticking with your squad, something that is tangible and immediate, you will get the result you want without ruining the game play and turning it into a running simulator.

  • PhoenixstormPhoenixstorm GermanyMember Posts: 20 ★★

    I agree with this post wholeheartedly.


    Because first of all it encourages working together in the same and with other Squad's.

    The system allows both the attacking and defending teams multiple options to attack and defend respectively and would break the current monotonous and repetitive meta.

    This would encourage the squads assigned to the attack to coordinate better with each other, especially between Inf and APC/IFV squads. Maybe then we would finally see more Mech Inf Squads again.

    This would then encourage the infantry to pay more attention to enemy AT's in order to protect their vehicle and thus indirectly their rally.

    The blunt re-spawning and immediately running back into the objective without thinking about flanking and other possibilities would then benefit the enemy team. More thought would also have to be given to securing the FOB, as losing the FOB would also mean losing all the rallies in the vicinity.

    For the defenders there would be an advantage if the enemies would continue to drive the meat grind meta. They could also decide on an alternative strategy and protect the objective weakly or not at all and play on retake. You could focus on the FOB of the attackers first and then retake the objective because you know that the enemy can only spawn in very limited numbers.

    This would also give more weight to the life/ticket of each player, which would lead to more respect for suppression fire and no more running across open areas thinking nothing of it with the motto "If I die, I'll just spawn again and run across the field again".

    Whether in attack or defense all SL's would have an emergency rally if they urgently need to regroup with their squad. With the disadvantage that they then have to manage 5 minutes without a rally.

    If one side has lost its vehicles and FOBs, they will be forced to regroup and cannot continue to play for the objective because there are still 1-2 rallies somewhere that no one can find.

    If the maximum number of FOBs per team is limited to 5, it is urgently necessary to plan ahead and re-plan if necessary.

    This is no fantasy but has been functionally tested for years, both in competitive and public lobbies. Squad's predecessor has shown that the fine line between casual and milsim is possible and allows enough tactical options not to get boring, even after more than 10 years, but is still so simple that it is easy to understand after a short time.

  • PhoenixstormPhoenixstorm GermanyMember Posts: 20 ★★

    You don't know how frustrated the Backers/Founders of the Game are. The current game is mediocre at best.

    But even so, the current game is also frustrating because, die > respawn > die > respawn isn't that much fun even if you get some kills every round plays the same. We have so many Factions/Maps but all play like the same and all have a far too similar if not the exact same meta every round. Even the game modes didn't offer a different meta which is just insane.

    The next Point is yes Attacking is always easier than defending because most fobs/placeables are just so bad but just because the Rally is just to Powerfull, sometimes so Powerfull that you just can ignore building Fobs on your own. That's laughably and even better Squad was the Hammer to turn the finely oiled bolt. Not only the Rally was heavily changed but also the logistic was drastically changed its no even funny anymore, the teleporting invisible supplies are just a bad joke. The deformed Rally and half-backed logistics made the game so damn dull or less interesting.

    I just don't want to talk it up any longer and think "oh, it'll just wait a little longer". We have now waited 7 years and believed many things at the beginning, but at some point, progress in the right direction would be appreciated. If you just bluntly shoot people and then afterward imagine that you have played strategically, then I can only laugh. Clicking heads better and faster than your opponent is the best tactic you can have especially in competitive play which is just so sad. Doesn't matter if the opponent has a better position or more people on the objective, the only thing that matters in squad is the aim and situational awareness around yourself at all times.

    Last but not least if you don't like running simulator play smart, don't die in open fields or into **** spots that are very hard to revive, plan your down ahead, and be aware that your ragdoll will land behind hardcover or at least behind some good line of sight blocker.

    Should you constantly die in terrible spots or didn't wait for someone reviving, you absolutely deserve to be penalized with longer-running times or alternative a longer spawning timer ... best would be both.

    By the way, constant Action doesn't work, some downtime is urgently needed for changing plans mid-battle if you have one, preparing a counter attack, setting up an ambush, building anything your team needs like CSB Bridges with an Logi ... oh wait that's still not added.

    Squad is currently a shadow of its former self and has so much potential to be a brilliant game but unfortunately fails to convince on all fronts in the long run. Mainly because most of the content with deep gameplay isn't even announced or even denied.

    All Maps are too Small ~ or ~ all Infantry moves too quickly, pick your poison.

  • tzaerutzaeru Member Posts: 27

    I don't understand how it would encourage the average pub player to play more with the other squads or communicate more.

    What exact mechanism would make that happen?

    The only thing I foresee is more walking and defending and less attacking.

    Which doesn't sound very fun to me. Squad's already significantly slower than the AAA modern combat shooter games. Why does it need to be even slower? Isn't this middle-ground niche a nice place to be in?

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