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Movement mechanics infantry/vehicles

mebelmebel Member Posts: 10 Civilian

Movement mechanics suggestions.


1. Like you cannot stand on other players - it would be also nice to not be able to stand on a thin structures like fences or thin walls for too long - you should just fall from it, yet still you can climb on it and stand for a while.

2. Vaulting should be limited. Vaulting over high walls should take considerable amount of stamina and should not be possible with stamina drained. Any other solution that would effectively limit this unrealistic mechanic would be also nice.

3. Players should be able to cancel vaulting or you should make it a two/three step process (1 - grab, 2 - pull up, 3 - vault) with ability to cancel it.

4. Sprinting through bushes (and maybe also some cultivation like rape field) should be impossible, movement through this type of vegetation should be limited considerably (maybe also impossible ADS while moving through bushes also). A perfect example of implementation can be seen in Post Scriptum infantry movement mechanic - it is really good one, and gives a lot of immersion (you can feel the environment).


5. Heavy vehicles should not be stopped by light structures like mesh or wooden fences and some small trees. This type of structures should be just ignored (the easy solution) or reduce the speed of a vehicle (the complex solution), but complete stop is a big no-no.

6. Vehicle flipping should be reduced a bit (mass-centre lowered? gravity?).

7. Vehicle resetting should also change vehicle position (not just a direction) - that would simply solve problem with unrecoverable vehicles.

8. Due the fact, that small objects could stop a heavy vehicle - maybe consider making physical vehicle mesh a little wedge-shaped on front, so it would simply slide a bit on obstacles instead of stopping completely - this solution actually seem for me as a good starting point for mitigating issues mentioned above - should be simple yet effective. Wedge-shaped fronts were implemented eg. in Project Reality afaik.(edytowane)

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