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Culling distance / objects LOD

mebelmebel Member Posts: 10 Civilian

Culling distance is way too low, especially for concrete fences, small objects and other - eg. buildings. It breaks gameplay significantly eg. for tank/apc gunners with high magnification.

The solution for that would be to add another LOD for objects, with really, I mean really, simple shapes, even 2d polygon, with just 2 triangles (like you made 2d background trees), would be sufficent for concrete fences - now, the last LOD for objects is still kinda complex before object is culled. I don't know if you have already tested it, but adding one more LOD for objects with really simple shapes (for fences, buildings, vegetation) and make culling distance larger would solve this problem. I would even say that this simplification can occur even closer to camera, while preserving 'consistency' over visual quality. It actually happens a lot - like you can see enemy firing on you and hitting the invisible fence or vice versa. I must say that gameplay consistency is more important than visual quality of objects in a distance.

An example from yesterday:

We were playing on Gorodok - objects on Niva Lower were invisible from area between Soloniki Upper and Industrial Park, while we could still see the enemies. There was no buildings, nor fences rendered and we were hitting something in the way, trying to hit the infantry.

If it's impossible to do, maybe just do not render player/vehicle models beyond this culling distance, or make them semi-transparent to compensate the lack of object coverage and preserve consistency. I must say this is gamebreaking too many times. Please consider above and find a solution. I know that it might be hard to implement a solution that would not destroy the performance, but with upcoming changes to shadows and visibility range it would be really important to consider this issue as a critical to a gameplay. Please also consider oversimplification over quality of objects if it would help the performance. Thank You!

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