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Possible Fireteam and rank rework?

Cossack12Cossack12 Member Posts: 2 Civilian
  • Playing Squad fireteams have not played an actual role in leadership mainly they are used so people can mark things. I suggest that a Fireteam Radio Broadcast be added so that Fireteams may be more useful. I also suggest that instead of Corporals leading Fireteams it should be Sergeants. As on the official U.S. Army website is quoted "Typically leads a Team or a Section" and the Team is described as "Typically led by a sergeant." Perhaps to reflect the function of Corporal a Sergeant that is in charge of a fireteam should be able to appoint a Corporal as his assistant. Also maybe you guys should consider adding the role of Platoon Sergeant held by a Sergeant First Class to reflect realism and perhaps to assist the 2nd/1st lieutenant that leads the Platoon.


  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 34

    I agree with the fireteam comms. This would give a sense of a mini leadership and directing your squad to move out and flank the enemy without having to worry if they are too far away to hear you and clearing up squad chatter. Planetside 2 and Arma do this well.

    As for the whole Corporal/rank thing, that's inconsequential. When the Marines come, in Corporals and Sergeant's usually lead infantry squads but it's usually Corporals. Every military branch is different. A Corporal can be a fireteam leader. Ultimately, too many ranks can be detrimental to the game, as this is not a military sim game like Arma.

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 55 ★★

    You can't have fireteams be anything more than people who mark unless the use of fireteams is normalized. I place my guys into fireteams every single match and nine times out of ten it amounts to nothing. Very rarely is it possible to encourage people to stay with their fireteam leaders outside of the rarest cases where you've got a really squared away squad. Even outside of any stressful situation, doing something as simple as asking one team to help dig a HAB and telling the other team to set up in a building is often an exercise in futility as most people seem to have trouble telling purple from teal. . . Put simply it is hard enough sometimes to get all the people in the squad to even just stick with the same squad, let alone a smaller subsection of people.

    First and foremost, fireteams should automatically be assigned once people join a squad so that they will always be there. This would further expose players to being in fireteams and hopefully encourage more squad leaders to make use of them since they are there. As it stands right now, fireteams are almost never used for their intended purpose and when they are, its too few and far between that players cannot build up a familiarity with their use. Luckily it seems that the developers have since picked up on this idea too as it has been listed on the trello page for upcoming features.

    The next bit is that fireteam leaders must be as visible as the squad leader. Just like the squad leader has a green circle above his name that shows where he is, the fireteam leaders must also have this marking. Rather than having a green circle with the number of the squad, this marking should be the color and letter of the fireteam. This would hopefully make it much easier for players to keep together with their appropriate fireteam leads.

    Past that, I'd say leave it be for a bit to see how any tactics around their use develops.

  • CR8ZCR8Z Member Posts: 22 ★★

    I have used fireteams pretty effectively as is. I may assign two crewman to a fireteam and have them shuttle our infantry squad around in an IFV, or I'll assign a fireteam to back-cap. I've also assigned a fireteam with ammo and engineer to go mine a section of road while the rest of the squad advances. I've tasked fireteams with lots of different things, and after a while, things go sideways and you have to reorganize, but I think the function works well overall.

    I thought I had heard somewhere or read somewhere that they were considering assigning fireteams automatically. I'm not sure how they would figure that, but I think it's an interesting idea.

  • sudssuds gameplay 5:3 realismMember Posts: 3 Civilian

    fireteam coms was discussed on the old forum. The issue of more keys block it pretty solidly.

    The change should be that a local broadcast gets a fireteam colour if you are a member. It would be good if this also had a slightly longer range (reduced distance dropoff) than the local broadcast for fireteam members.

    The result of this is that local people still hear you but your fireteam gets a bit extra. And it may help keep the fireteam together.

    Local chat is where all the best stuff happens already, polish it a bit more :)

  • RackEmUp187RackEmUp187 Member Posts: 34

    Squad still has some keys available for comms. keys don't block it at all. local chat is fun, but not effective for your fireteam if at a distance to attack an objective or vehicle.

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