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Looking for Experienced Admin

DeanKaneSirDeanKaneSir Member Posts: 3 Civilian

Out of my love for the game I recently purchased a 100 slot server and am looking for experienced players to play with and potentially become an admin of our server. We are looking for positive individuals who enjoy playing seriously but are also tolerant to new players.


  • DeanKaneSirDeanKaneSir Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    The server is based out of the central US giving east and west coast around a 40-60 ping and is a Steel Division Mod server, which we don't have a decent one here in the US. There is potential for a server like this, I just need people who see the same vision. It's not a super popular mod because of the lack of availability. If you are interested you can message me here or deankane#4055 on discord.

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