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Vote to Surrender Option

CassCass Member Posts: 2 Civilian

I encourage people keep fighting even when losing. I have seen some matches turn the tables and the losing team wins, which is thrilling.

However in most matches, defeat is inevitable for a badly losing team.

Sometimes the team decides that they want to do the next map, or that they got a "bad start". In this case, rather than make them wait - perhaps you could introduce an option to surrender?

I would just repurpose code from the Commander vote system. Include a few variables that can be customized on people's servers, such as:

X = Time after match starting before a Surrender Vote can be called.

Y = Number of tickets lost/remaining before a Surrender Vote can be called.

Z = Who can call the Surrender Vote (e.g. Any Commander, Any Squad Lead, Any Player etc.)

If properly implemented, this would save players precious minutes of their lives, and allow them to get on with enjoying the game.

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