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Osiris Gaming Community

OrisisComToastOrisisComToast Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Greetings to all players!

Who is Osiris Gaming Community

Osiris Gaming Community is a recently founded group of players back in September of 2020. We've been a part of multiple different games where we still currently have servers! We pride ourselves on a friendly community and as well as a active and friendly staff team. We recently branched out into Squad with our first server.

Why Squad?

Squad was chosen to be our next adventure in our roadmap to grow our community. Some of the staff team here at Osiris were once a part of the MilSim community and thought it would be a great idea to move back in. We invite all players from new to seasoned to join us!

What do we ask of our players

We ask all of our players to be friendly, and always willing to teach the new guy what do to. Read our community rules and have fun!

Is this post finished?

Yes this post finished as I realized I'm babbling on. Our server and discord information can be found below in the connections sections.


Join our discord - https://discord.gg/MsTRPcKNXJ

Find our Squad server under the community servers tab under the name - Osiris Community Servers

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