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Thoughts on recent FOB boundary changes

3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 26 ★★

I get what you are trying to accomplish by changing the FOB exclusion radius from 300m to 400m, but I think it's attempting to the solve the problem in the wrong way. Like you, I'm also tired of seeing a map scattered with FOBs everywhere and people constantly spawning in different spots and not working together. Basically, if I join a server and see FOBs everywhere on the map, I can pretty well tell if that team is going to win or not (taking into account how many vehicles are left on the map, lol.) The FOB spam does need to be brought under control. That being said, I think part of the reason for so much FOB spam is not due to how many you can place on a map, but instead fear of how easy it is for FOB's to get taken down and the cost to put more of them up versus the cost to defend them. FOB's can be taken out so quickly now so you need lots of them to survive a game. As it stands, 2 attackers can proxy a HAB, and poof, it's gone. Search around a bit for a radio placed far away from the HAB and poof, it's gone. Mortar the snot out of it, call in an airstrike, etc. and it's gone. Because it's so easy to take down FOBs, they are basically erected to be spawn/ammo points only and not much else. I remember in the old days when SL's would attempt to superfob a place, but those days are long gone ever since you could climb every wall or obstacle, and ever since mortars and airstrikes became available. You can no longer superfob to protect it any more because OWI has not provided us enough tools to effectively protect a FOB. At this point, it costs so much money to drop razor wire, sandbags, bunkers, and wayyyyy too much shovel time to dig them up, that it's just a waste of time and resources. The build cost would be better spent by dropping a HAB and an ammo crate, loading back up in the truck and moving on to the next spot. 600 build can get you a HAB and an ammo crate OR... it can get you 12 sandbag lines or 12 razor wire lines or a... hesco wall. Now honestly, between those things, which do you think will have the best chance of winning the game; One FOB with a mix of 12 sandbag/razor wire lines, or two FOBs placed on the map, both options totaling 1200 build? One of the things that people have LOVED about squad was BUILDING THINGS. Sadly, building things is just a waste of time any more if you want to win because whatever you build will be destroyed so easily. The way I squad lead right now, at the start of the game I change the ammo/build ratio to 2400 build, 600 ammo, and I set out to build 4 FOBS on a map, and then worry about the ammo re-supply later. That is the BEST use of 3000 total supplies because I then just gave my team 4 spawn points on the map so they an teleport across at any time. I'm really building teleportation tunnels, which I don't think is what OWI really wants for this game?

Long story short, I think the game would be more enjoyable if SLs were given better (and/or cheaper) build items to PROTECT a FOB, thus reducing the incentive to scatter FOBs all over the map. Razor wire should be dirt cheap in terms of cost and shovel build time. I should be able to put up miles of razor wire for the cost of setting up another FOB somewhere else on the map. I should be able to lay down 1/2 mile of sandbags for that same cost. Hesco's should not be as expensive as they are, nor bunkers, nor anything else. Until you make it easier/cheaper to build things to protect a FOB versus the cost to plop down another one somewhere else on the map in case that one gets taken out, you'll just keep getting what you see now, FOB Spam (ie. map teleportation.) And before you say "you just need a squad protecting a FOB then..." blah, blah, blah. Remember that the squad protecting a FOB gets bored with nothing to do unless they are attacked, and "superfobing" provided the activity to keep everyone interested because they liked watching something massive being built, and they liked building out resources that help out the team when they come through (repair stations, bunkers, emplacements, etc.) If you ever want to watch an entire squad's moral get destroyed, watch them superfob for an entire match with literally NO enemy contact until the end, confident they could survive _any_ attack, and then their FOB gets taken out in about 5 minutes by the enemy. That just shouldn't be possible after an entire match of building up the FOB. Your move to allow Fireteam Leads the ability to build was BRILLIANT and I want to see more of this type of thought process. Nurfing the amount of FOBs on the map is a solution to a problem that never should have existed if resolved by better means.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 90 ★★

    You might have had a point if rally was made temporary.

  • MbNutMbNut Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    I can agree with the main point of this post, that FOB spamm is caused by how cheap and easily torn down a FOB is with the new tools compared to older game versions. Proximity range or building space will not alter the gameplay to erase this "problem".

    It's still questionabele what a defendable FOB should look like and how easy the new tools shread through what we have as assets now. Building up defenses is just super ressource intensive, time consuming and does not help against how FOBs are currently being taken down. Especially if everything that matters, in order, is radio>HAB>ammo crate>TOW>maybe mortars. The other assets are plain and simple role play buildings with no real use.

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 26 ★★

    I was reading through all the comments on Discord when they asked for feedback, and it was VERY clear that the number one biggest complaint was the new 90m fob proximity to disable. Everyone on there basically echoed the exact same comments on here, which was, fobs are too easy to destroy so FOB spam is the best way to counter it.

    When you moved to proximity to disable a hab, you really screwed up fobs. I never understood why you did this? Before there was a proximity limit to disable spawning, it was actually really difficult to take out a fob. You could just walk in with two guys and get the job done, you basically needed an entire squad to do it. You needed to setup your squad around the hab to shoot people as they spawned so that you could protect those that were digging. If I recall, I think you tried to stop meat-grinder affect, but why? IF a team decided to keep tossing bodies at the fob to try and save it, that was their choice! They could toss bodies at it, and get killed while they tried to recover it, or they could have walked away, either way, it was choice. Now, there is no choice... all the sudden a fob goes down with a whopping two enemies near and that means you pretty well lost it.

    I really hope you are listening to the feedback here and in Discord. It is VERY evident that everyone is not liking the direction you are going with the fobs. They want more ability to protect them from the onslaught of ways to destroy them now (mortars, airstrikes, guys hopping over every obstacle to get in) and they want the proximity feature to stop spawn completely removed, which I totally agree with. For some reason, you felt the best way to promote teamwork was to put in features that remove the teamwork functionality? (ie. building things, and attacking as a team to take down a fob.)

  • OWI_KrispyOWI_Krispy Vancouver, B.C.Posts: 51 Community Manager

    Hey squaddies, we really appreciate all of the feedback that you’ve been sharing on this topic. The team has been gathering feedback in an internal report on this matter, and the team is currently looking it over and discussing the next steps.

    We will continue to share updates on this as they become available, but for now, we wanted to emphasize that we are aware of player discussions on this topic and are looking at the matter actively!

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