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[BB] Bella's Battleground Server/Community

ChrisJChrisJ Member Posts: 25 ★★

Who We Are

Bella's Battleground has been active for over 5 years now with a reputation for being a well moderated server. With more than a dozen admins and over a hundred [BB] members, the server is almost never left unattended. Several clans and regulars call our server home and actively work with us to achieve the most balanced matches possible. We do our best to make sure the server is welcoming, enjoyable, and there is a common respect for all players, new and seasoned. We have over 20 layer rotations we cycle through with a focus on RAAS/AAS while also throwing Territory Control, Invasion, and Insurgency in to the mix regularly.

Why We're Here

Our server currently fills by around 4:00 PM and begins to taper off around 1:30 AM. We would like to increase the active server hours by filling earlier and lasting later. (Times are Central Daylight Time (CDT), UTC -5) To that end, we're actively seeking players to fill the server as early as 12:00 PM(with plans to further increase active time once this is achieved) and last as late as possible. In other words, if you're sick of server surfing or waiting in queues during any of the above times; come check us out! Visiting clans are often granted whitelist in exchange for helping seed/promoting server balance.

What We Ask

If any of the above piqued your interest/curiosity(it should have) find us in the Squad server browser and join our discord server! Server rules can be found in the #welcome channel. Engage with the community, ask about us/the server(#squad banter), join us in voice chat, post memes, etc. If going public isn't your style you're more than welcome to DM Bella, myself, or any of the other server admins(marked by A[BB] in server or Purple name in discord) with questions!

P.S. Whilst joining [BB] is never required/expected, it does have its perks!


Bella's Battleground Community


  • CR8ZCR8Z Member Posts: 36 ★★

    I think this is a great server and I've had many gg's here. Good luck!

  • steve autismsteve autism Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    I would avoid this server like the plague, the community is tainted by the staff team unfortunately.

    I am a man with autism, my in-game name was "stone cold steve autism" and I had been playing on this server for at least 24 hours with no issues whatsoever, people were interacting with me and I had nothing but wholesome interactions with the community through this name. As a person with autism, I personally would not take issue if someone else were to use this username or a username similar as they are not using the term "autism" in a derogatory manner. I have used this name across numerous different servers on squad and other games with community ran servers with 0 issues whatsoever.

    Last night, I posted in chat "any chance of a squad opening up? stone cold steve autism needs a place to stay". a few seconds later I was greeted with a kick demanding that I change the name. I went onto their discord to try and clear the air, explain my situation and hopefully move forward. Please note that I was more than happy to change my name, I did not appreciate the way that Bella and her admins talked to me and the way they addressed the issue. Partial discord transcript below, happy to provide the full transcript.

    kjh — Today at 01:24 Hi there, I'm an autistic man and I have the in game name Stone Cold Steve Autism. I don't think it is fair for you to demand that I change my name, kicking me from the game because you believe that my name is offensive instead of taking a few seconds to talk to me

    I've been autistic for my 23 years on this planet, you taking offence on my behalf when I am making a light joke of my condition does nothing except build frustration. I have had people laugh at my name all day and as an autistic person I enjoyed the social encounters I experienced as a result, I do not think it was fair for you to kick me in this manner.

    Now, I would understand if I was making a derogatory comment regarding autism, by all means punish me. Simply having the word autism in my name should not be grounds for punishment, it is not hate speech.

    MIG | EOC LongBarrel — Today at 01:27

    As a licensed server we are obligated to enforce the CoC.


    kjh — Today at 01:28

    How does my name break the CoC?

    MIG | EOC LongBarrel — Today at 01:28

    You may see your name a joke, but others can find it offensive/disrespectful.

    kjh — Today at 01:29

    How does my name break the CoC?

    "Bella ♡ — Today at 01:37

    The word itself is a derogatory term whether it's malicious or not and is not allowed on the server. Same as words like retard. Someone names themselves with the word retard in their username, it is not allowed."

    Not only is this statement insanely offensive, but it is also horrendously tone-deaf to the issue at hand. The word itself is not a derogatory term at all, the context matters a great deal. I understand their perspective that they want a friendly and inclusive community and there were countless ways for them to go about saying this without being incredibly disrespectful to me and my condition. I sat in their waiting for admin voice channel for 20+ minutes whilst they all sat in their admin channel typing to me, would it have been so difficult for you to have a friendly chat with me? Why did you immediately go on the defensive, saying that my name broke the CoC? To me, this seems like a petty excuse to exercise your power on an online gaming community and is a sad reflection of the mindset of the staff team. Like I said, would have been happy to change my name if you were to speak to me like a human being and not a prisoner in your discord pow camp.

  • legothylegothy Member Posts: 1 Civilian
    edited July 2022

    I agree with the above.

    I was trying Squad and I generally make plays each game, above average, tho I have only learned for a few days.

    This server seemed ok the 'one' time it had like a long match, and I joined and we won because it was equal.

    However it seems ironic that the 'one' server allegedly with fake reputation and 'run by a girl' has such glaring issues.

    For one I randomly saw seemingly from-no-where explosions like as if admins are just trolling or setting back the other team. Literally in middle of nowhere I witnessed an explosion of the guy infront of me, yet, there was not a single enemy unit nearby. Wtf? Clearly it's like admins are trolling or like once you beat them and they get really shitfaced, they try to make sure you can't win anymore.

    They alternate teams so that it's almost always like a 0 to 300 game or like, basically, not even close. If it gets close, they do something weird like, you basically win, but for the first time, you don't get points for capturing a point, and like someone in your squad blows up randomly.

    I would wager they not only do admin mods and intentional match rigging but it's just not fun because even if you're skillfully doing liek a 1v10 against that teamstack crap, how is that 'moderation' or 'good adminning'?

    I witnessed like 3 games in a row like that after having like 1 the night before that was good. It's just not fun to play rigged matches where like you take out someone, then get suppresed by a vehicle, and then behind you there's like a sniper waiting who just casually has been viewing you from the other angles, and so on. That's basically the 'experience' of this server. You might win by pure skill for a while, but they will teamstack and you'll see like some loser like [BB]HeheFace_EJEee saying like :D!! TAKE THAT! :D.

    It reminsd me of like a 'rigged' crappy server for like youtube style play. Even if it was just like a one time thing, I can't believe I was even kicked/banned for pointing out like how garbage the matches are and that that one (as it did happen) was going to be like taking an hour and then I bet they'll win by like 0 to 300 somehow (in tickets).

    Regardless if as an individual I can slap their players with like a higher KDR it doesn't make huge differences because they're like always teamstacking and the same players always stack, it thus isn't fun, it's just bad coping for them and rarely a 'gg' as has been falsely said in the top.

    Again only potsing because, it's such a bad server, I haven't ever joined anyserver that was that bad, and I sort of understand the one where they just have badmins waiting to ban you for saying bad terms or anything they deem 'offensive', but that server, man, it's either a 10% great or like a 90% utter waste of time crap not even worth the match.

    The match had such weird things like it could have just been me but it was like the enemy force was just constantly always invisible. If you are skilled you 'enjoy' a challenge or a 'gg' wihch is likea close match. A player who rigs things and gets easy game after game, and chooses the same teams every game? That is just garbage. That's not admining, that's like, terrible server, bad gameplay, they're just like making a team where a few super skilled players 'could' give them a slight game or a close game but only becuse it's like 10v30 then.


  • Mikhael WitmanMikhael Witman Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    This server has kids as admins PAIIIIIIIIN

  • JeranJeran Member Posts: 1 Civilian
    Clan member cursed out my freind after breaking his servers rules, claimed he was an admin, the retracted when called out in admin report in game chat. Actuall admins refused to do anything to resolve the problem, then kicked my freind for continuing to try and get the situation resolved. An admin report on their discord ended when he was mocked with memes in the official reports channel. This server is run by toxic children, and should be avoided like the plague. 
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