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Helicopters & Co-pilots

SnowySnowy Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I think some improvements can be made to the Helo’s and co-pilots in squad. So here’s a list of them:


  • The ability to zoom in the on-board map on the helicopter
  • A on-board voice/alert telling the pilots of: heavy fire, low health/ heavy damage to the heli’s components, and the loss of any component
  • The ability for the pilot to change flight control to the co-pilot and the pilot can take it back (the transfer of controls could take 5-10 seconds to complete; in case of accidental press) and if the pilot is killed or exits the vehicle the control automatically be passed to the copilot
  • More in-depth features of the cockpit and the helicopters, some ideas I have are: A fuel system (to refuel land at main base; like repairing) & the ability for fuel to leak if a bullet or rocket Damages the tank also an indicator of a leak and the amount of fuel in the aircraft, “piece by piece” destruction a ability for the loss of the whole tail + small bits and pieces of the amour, an oil system which would work the same way a fuel system would but with oil and if the oil temperature was high (the temperature would be changed by: heavy use of the engine at high power 85-100% or 90-100%) or there was no oil in the aircraft which would being to overheat the engine, it would fully overheat and shutdown for x amount of seconds and you could tell this is happening because there would be an on-board display will would tell you the oil temperature (with different colours, green = great, yellow = ok orange = lower engine use soon red = this is a problem) and how much oil is in the aircraft
  • A pilot only channel which is only able to be used in the helicopter and will be broadcasted through a speaker like system in the cockpit so that the copilot and pilot can hear, also maybe even the passengers could barely hear it to kind of mimic radio chatter in the background
  • The ability to bandage yourself it’s bleeding however you’ll be unable to if you’re flying/pilot who has control the helicopter


  • Thermal camera, this would be able to use a normal or thermal mode on it (seeing in white hot or Iron) which would have a battery with a continuous use time of 60 seconds or you could use it for however Long you want to under 60 seconds as long as you don’t go over the battery limit with would recharge with a cool down of 30-50 seconds and during this state the camera unable to be used and when you’re about to go over the battery limit it was so low battery in the middle of your screen, co-pilot will also be notified that the battery in the recharge state because a panel on the dashboard of the helicopter would show its current battery level and the amount of time until it’s operable again * this thermal camera shouldn’t be on larger helicopters (the mi-8) due to its large carrying capacity and size (however it could have a back ramp gunner instead of this) *
  • copilot seat should be locked to only the pilot kit and be given a few different displays (3ish)that should be customizable by user, that would show different navigational information (A map with all the drop zones located & Location of each helicopter on the team, a map of fob’s in the construction & ammo in them, a larger speed, height, in collective indicator, and a list of all the passengers in the vehicle) to further emphasize a navigational and technical role of the copilot
  • A mobile data tablet, which would show a map with all the helicopters drop zones, fobs with their ammo & construction, fob creation marks, The different “plates” of the helicopter to see what exact piece was damaged, and the status indicator of the fuel leak, Oil leak, low fuel or oil, Engine overheat and more, also the ability to put special marks on the tablet but It’s only able to be viewed by any person who is in the cockpit of the helicopter and you’re able to see them on your compass and any map


  • crazycowcrazycow Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    While the copilot seat in helicopters is currently pretty much useless, I don't agree with adding more functionality or restricting it to pilot kits only. Not only does this mean less seats in the helicopter for passengers, but you'd be encouraging players to make 2-man heli squads and fly around with 2 players doing a job that really only takes one. On maps with lots of assets being used, the infantry squads are already stretched pretty thin player-wise. If I see a helicopter with two pilots flying around in it, I see only a player who's wasting their time performing an unnecessary task, like mortar squads with too many players or a 3-manned vehicle without a stabilized turret.

    The ability to switch controls to another person in the second seat sounds cool on paper, but in-game this would only lead to people doing what I described above and would honestly be a very boring gameplay loop for the copilot. Most of the time, these 2-man helicopter squads eventually get bored and fly their helicopter over an enemy FOB or objective so that the copilot can do some "close air support" with the door gun, and with the increased vulnerability of helicopters they usually get shot down and lose 7 tickets before hitting anything.

  • CR8ZCR8Z Member Posts: 27 ★★

    I think the function of the helo in the game is to get troops and supplies to somewhere on the map fast. I don't think the function of the helicopter should be to add more complexity to the game. The helos already go down pretty quick when they go where they shouldn't. Getting too deep into the minutia of why the helicopter is going down doesn't stop it from going down if it keeps getting shot by a tank.

    I think something along the lines of having crew be able to drop supplies faster or while the helo has more movement, to provide a buff of having crew help move the supplies, vs having the pilot both fly the aircraft and load/unload supplies.

    In a rope system, it might also be nice to have crew be able to operate a winch for getting players/supplies out of / into an area.

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