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Progression, unlocks, ranks. New way of distributing kits and vehicles.

AnimatedDustAnimatedDust Member Posts: 1 Civilian

This game needs some form of progression, unlocks, ranks to keep people playing for a long time. Even if just cosmetic stuff.

Also having a slow PC means you never get your hands on any cool kits / vehicles. Please do something about that.


  • SittingTreeSittingTree Alberta CanadaMember Posts: 1 Civilian

    I agree with Geebus, adding in the aspect of unlocks or rank progression will I believe give off an adverse affect of focusing on individual gameplay rather than what's the opposite and is right now team play. For cosmetics they already added them in, if you were a long time user since 2016 I believe veteran skins were released sometime a year or two ago (got mine), or if you won the OWI season tournaments (custom skins only given to the victors). With having a slow pc keep in mind the always delete saved data cache after while (could clean up load in rates from what I've heard.)

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