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Night Raid Insurgency Game Mode

Clown_TacticalClown_Tactical Member Posts: 1 Civilian

It would be fun if there was a night only version of insurgency maps.

The Blufor would have access to night vision gear while the insurgents only have flashlights, flares, and zippos.

It would create interesting gameplay where insurgents can manipulate light sources to bait out blufor into disadvantage areas for ambush, traps, misdirection.

It would also encourage blufor to seek out light sources and neutralize them along with destroying caches, using IR strobes to mark locations.

New features:

Blufor stomping out camp fires lit by insurgents/Insurgent can light camp fires.

Insurgent has new items: Flares, zippos, flashlights

Insurgent has new abilities, placing lighted zippos down or handheld carry, using flares while handheld, or thrown onto surface, using flashlights while handheld, or placed down on surface.

Blufor has new abilities of using IR strobes, IR lasers, night vision.

Possible more features (Requires more work):

Insurgents can whistle to cause noise.

Insurgents can turn on music stereo systems to drown out footsteps.

Generators to building for wired lights that can be disabled, destroyed, enabled, repaired

Possible future game mode built off features from suggested mode (Requires more work):

Winter environment that has a temperature system, soldiers can die from prolonged exposure to cold.

Use of campfires refill warmth in player's temperature system giving them more time.

  • temperature system can offer players burying themselves in snow for concealment,
  • concealment system can be used in desert maps with sand as concealment,
  • temperature system could be used in desert maps with the opposite danger to players: Heat stroke.

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