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Squad 2

GobxGobx Member Posts: 3 Civilian

I'm aware this is a ways off but figured a future wish list would be nice for the devs to see ahead of time now that the platform for squad is built. I for one would like to see.

Photorealism. This is becoming a standard with the advancements in UR engine.

Command fobs (must be inside to use commander) and more control over the squads and giving tasks (destroy employ logistics trucks, build fobs, attack or defend, destroy fobs, seek and destroy armor, air assets commands like attack, move pick up etc, SL promotions and disbandment if squads do not comply. Current commander is useless and squads early work together it listen to each other.

Attack helicopters and anti air assets.

Single mag sharing

Pip scopes that need to be steadied and secondary view (over the scope or weapon turned for clearing)

Proper radioman, if he's not 100% healed or with 100m of the SL the squad comms go down.

Half full ammo stoppable crates from trucks and air support.

Knock downs from explosions or falls.

Limps if hit in leg, crawling only if screen is black and white.

Engineer with unlimited sandbags.. I mean dirt is free no? For fortifying firing positions off fob locations without the need to use precious build supplies.

Fast roping..

NV, IR, and night cycles.

Love to hear your feedback


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